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A report from the IAEA:. The International Atomic Energy Agency told the U. Security Council its inspectors have found new traces of enriched uranium in Iran. The discovery marked the third instance that highly enriched uranium was found at an Iranian facility, but Sniper Spielautomaten bu IAEA said the nuclear fingerprint on the new discovery does not match that found on earlier samples, which the agency had concluded came from contaminated equipment from Pakistan, The New York Times reported Friday.

The 6-page IAEA report did not identify where the uranium http://alexandarton.info/online-casino-auszahlungen.php have originated or whether it was connected to a secret nuclear program in Iran.

The country has insisted that its nuclear program is aimed only at producing energy, a task that would use uranium enriched at much lower levels than that found by the IAEA inspectors.

I can tell you, however, that no matter what Iran says they are doing, and no matter what we want them to do, they are pursuing the acquisition of nuclear weapons. The questions is what can and what should the rest of the world do? Where are they getting their money?

Yes, the world is worse if Iran gets nukes. But not Sniper Spielautomaten bu hell of a lot worse. He observed that what it appears Iran wants is to be treated as an adult. So as long as the US behaves as if we are too good for Iran, and tries Sniper Spielautomaten bu negotiate through intermediaries, Iran is going to continue right on down this path.

When you read much of the other Sniper Spielautomaten bu analysis of Iran, and keep in mind that this is the nation of Persia which was a powerful player in the world say 3, years ago. So there is a history there, and a lot of pride and click here. Pre-emptive wars actually have a decent history.

Without pre-emptive attacks in or was it ? And even if you call it pre-emptive, I think to declare it a learn more here, as Krista has suggested, is ridiculous, as we toppled Sniper Spielautomaten bu, a dangerous nutball with a track record of invading neighbors and using chem weapons.

Heck, the administration may not have much in the way of credibility with Sniper Spielautomaten bu American public. The boy who cried Sniper Spielautomaten bu and all that. Add the lack of competence to this lack of credibility, and I Sniper Spielautomaten bu know that the U.

I will say that not engaging and not talking is not a viable option. The only way a preventative war can work is if you follow the Third Punic War model.

It involves sacking the city, taking all the treasure, salting gewinnen Online Spielautomaten an den wie earth and killing or enslaving every man, woman and child in the land. If new evidence suggests that they have weapons-grade uranium, well, that Sniper Spielautomaten bu removes the doubt about about what they plan to do with it.

It may be that intelligence estimates were correct and Iran simply bought the Sniper Spielautomaten bu material from Pakistan, in which case they could build a bomb whenever they want. And, importantly, it would mean that bombing sites like Natanz would do no good whatsoever.

We should also keep in mind the simplest explanation, that the traces really did come from Sniper Spielautomaten bu equipment shipped from Pakistan. Whether one keeps that reasonable doubt in mind will be a good test of Sniper Spielautomaten bu one has a vested interest in Iran alarmism.

Say for a moment that they were pursuing a nuclear weapon. My question is — who the hell cares? Not only does the left dismiss and ridicule all possibility of military action, virtually all of the left tries to minimize the threat of nuclear armed mullahs. Imagine if Iran had nukes back during the Iraq-Iran wars? How many lives do you think the Iranians imagine they could have saved? How much money and time? If they could just flash a nuclear stockpile at their opponents and wage a menacing finger, I imagine Saddam might not have spent years attempting an invasion.

Iran is past the tipping poing in-so-far as they gain far more by pursuing nukes than by not pursuing them. They have an educated population, good foreign relations with a number of other countries, and a slowly blossoming economy.

Whatever America offers, Iran can find somewhere else. Or is there good reason to be damn concerned? The go here Sniper Spielautomaten bu built up and prepared to deploy some form of weapon or army ready to attack your borders. Instead, you initiate the attack on their army in attempt to wipe them out unprepared.

The enemy may be a threat in some indeterminate future. You take them out, just in case. Perhaps we should be bombing them. It diverted a click here of resources towards maintaining the occupation, while at the same time not gaining the Soviets much in terms of wealth. The result was a collapse of the whole Sniper Spielautomaten bu of government and economy in 50 years.

When you consider, the real Sniper Spielautomaten bu behind the occupation of the eastern bloc was to prevent another invasion into Russia by Western European forces. Seriously man, that is the kind of illogic that got us into Iraq in the first place. I think domain Online-Casinos Beispiel von initial instinct to defer to Tim was a good one:. Iran knows that nukes are the only possible deterrent against America, and it would be illogical not to develop them.

Even if Iran Sniper Spielautomaten bu the largest state sponsor of terrorism, that would only be relevant to the nuclear question if it were at all plausible that they might give a nuke to Sniper Spielautomaten bu. Their support of Hezbollah is strategic, as it enhances their status in the region.

Nuclear proliferation is bad, and all feasible steps should be taken to reduce it, but talk of military action against Iran seems rather silly at this point. Listen, Iran has said it will enrich uranium for power only. That appears to be BS as they have no need to do that. Do I know this for a fact, no, but I think it is Sniper Spielautomaten bu obvious, not from Bushco, but from Iran itself, that they want nuclear abilities and want to play with China, N.

Korea, Russia and the USA. They have also called Empfehlen Online-Casino the destruction of Isreal and, more importantly, the USA.

In addition, Iran is quickly moving Sniper Spielautomaten bu the right and becoming a more radical, conservative Muslim state. We all know what radical, conservative Muslims stand for. So the real question is what the hell do we do? Neither is going to be all that effective.

What we need is a SOLUTION from the democrats that can be put Sniper Spielautomaten bu there. So what is the solution, or are the Sniper Spielautomaten bu just going to whine about it. If they are, the elections are a lost cause, hell, I could win an election against a group of whiny intelects with no answers. Are sanctions going to work? They did in Ob die Online-Casino-Auszahlung, but that was a much poorer country than Iran.

I am not sure sanctions will work. So, what should we do? Click at this page take it then that you are unaware that Sniper Spielautomaten bu Iranian Prez has stated that the way to hasten the appearance of that Islamic messiah is through worldwide jihad and martyrdom.

The country is run by dangerous Sniper Spielautomaten bu supporting islamic extremists. That was somebody else. Oh wait, has Darrell actually proposed a doctrine? Or stated an arguable position?

Or has he just turned in number 5, in his endless stream of harangues and threadfucks? Seriously, how can you pose a question like this and then turn the place over to Darrell?

Unless page views are the only goal, I mean? Spare me the free speech bathos, or the nasty ad hominems aimed at me. The question deserves a real answer. How can you put up a thread like this and then invite a frigging hyena? But Saudi Arabia is the greatest state sponsor of religious extremism. Darrell, I certainly do believe that there are many on the right that are all for nuking Iran. You are pretty smart for sitting here telling us Sniper Spielautomaten bu are http://alexandarton.info/roulette-spiel-mit-dem-rueckzug-des-geldes.php wrong, but WHAT ARE YOUR SOLUTIONS?

Do we have the military to take over a country like Iran? DO the genrals think so? Do you want to do that? So Darrell, what exactly have the mullahs actually done about wiping Israel off the map?

Actions speak louder than words. Israel is unpopular in the region, and demagoguery against them is an easy way to score political points. Ditto with arming Hezbollah. Would that Sniper Spielautomaten bu Iran, Sniper Spielautomaten bu it off the face of the map?

Yes, because just about every other country in the world would rightly attack Iran for doing so. Fear-mongers like to believe that Ahmadinejad and other leaders are completely insane and would literally kill themselves to prove a point.

Technically, I believe they have called for Regime Change. Which visit web page all empty rhetoric, much like the Regime Change stuff that comes from our President. Do you also consider that the United States is quickly moving to the right and becoming a more radical, conservative Christian state? Western culture has been making a signifigant influence into their lives, and most of Iran just wants to be left alone.

This Ahmajinejad is frankly scaring people back home. But is our goal to create a solution, or to create a problem? I suppose the best-worst-case scenario would be if Iran and Pakistan got into a sectarian Shiite-vs-Sunni nuclear exchange. The right will frame the deabte, they already Sniper Spielautomaten bu, that something needs to be done.

Sheeple Sniper Spielautomaten bu belive it, so we need a solution to the problem of Iran getting nukes. We can talk about when and whether it will happen, but out population believes they will get at some point and dems need to address this fear to win an election Sniper Spielautomaten bu, at hte least, prevent the support of yet another senseless war.

If Iran has nuclear bombs, what will they do with them? And the subsequent question is: Is it Sniper Spielautomaten bu to believe that the Iranian leadership knows of, understands, and at least nominally agrees with the answer to question two?

Are the leaders of the nation of Iran rational? That is, are self- and national- interest of more if yes or less if no importance than principle carried out to the point of suicide? This is the critical point. If on the other hand the leaders of Iran are rational then the nuclear boogeyman is a nuisance but not worth our utter Sniper Spielautomaten bu comprehensive fear and rage. Note this causal chain works for a lot of nations and a lot of decision options.

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there virtuelles für Geld Spiele Spielautomaten auf be nothing. Only I will remain. The problem of terrorism is not Disneyland or the Bill Sniper Spielautomaten bu Rights or MTV.

The consequences will be the same for liberal intervention as for neoconservative intervention. Alas, the result has been catastrophic. Instead of a policy Sniper Spielautomaten bu mature restraint, the Bush team has leavened arrogance with ignorance and incompetence.

But the principal problem is principle: Liberals must do more than rename neoconservative supermatik Spielautomaten. They must develop a foreign policy that advocates doing less as well as doing it better.

IOW, start by being realistic about the problem. Doug Bandow is a Washington-based political writer and Sniper Spielautomaten bu analyst and a member of the Coalition for a Realistic Foreign Policy. He served as a special assistant to President Ronald Reagan and as a senior policy analyst in the Reagan for President campaign.

As I have been hitting repeatedly upon in various forums, this fear of end times and the death of the American way of life has been a routine prophecy within the American political scene anytime it looks like a non-NATO power is going Sniper Spielautomaten bu get nuclear weapons….

Proliferation Sniper Spielautomaten bu against our interest, but it is not a vital national interets as long as the following rules are made clear:.

Steve, are you kidding? All the right does is play the fear card and then tell us not to be afraid of all the crap they just told us we should be afraid of. I am beginning to think that you are just a schmuck who likes to stir the stew with no real commentray or legit analysis.

Must be a republican POS. What you are advocating is playing right into the Republican fear card. But past history has not shown a pattern of Republicans being right. In fact, just the opposite. So our best bet is not to do a direct assault on Republicans, but rather flank them. As you noted, they are prone to stupid tough talk, and then a sudden willingness to deflect when accused of stupid tough talk.

So why bother accusing them of stupid tough talk? But the reality is… Should we fear an attack from Cobra Commander? That would explain why Pakistan officially recognizes Israel as a country. The six-party religious alliance Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal MMAalready in a bitter row with the government over the issue of constitutional amendments, Sniper Spielautomaten bu that it would launch a countrywide movement to oust the government if it took even a step toward the recognition of Israel.

Cobra Commander Wants You. Another option is that the CIA has Sniper Spielautomaten bu on the IAEA teams that are salting the evidence. Where is curveball now, BTW? You have to keep up the process until Sniper Spielautomaten bu average of the mass is highly enriched. The problem is not Musharraf. The problem is a potential lack of Musharaf. If he dies and there have been numerous assasination attemptsthen it is likely that the current ruling structure will collapse and there is a not insignificant chance of nuclear weapons falling into the hands of Kasmiri insurgents or al Qaeda-type terrorists, who Sniper Spielautomaten bu not rational state actors.

Iran, crazy presidental quotes aside, is a rational state actor. It is rational for Iran to develop nuclear weapons as a military deterrent, and it is extremely rational to develop nuclear power Roulette Casino Geld internal energy use when they can sell oil and gas to others at very high prices. I wish I genuinely Sniper Spielautomaten bu that Iran was a Sniper Spielautomaten bu state actor.

I have not seen what I would recognize as internal state controls pushing Sniper Spielautomaten bu on their pres. That serves as a powerful confidence-building mechanism all by itself. I do question this logic for a number of small detailed-orientied reasons. The idea Sniper Spielautomaten bu a nuclear weapon can be smuggled out of a country revolves heavily around the notion that a nuclear weapon can fit inside a briefcase or under a really big coat.

Even small yield nukes are very large and very heavy. Nukes are not user-friendly weapons. In the midst of a nationwide Sniper Spielautomaten bu collapse, the idea that insurgents would be running in and Sniper Spielautomaten bu of nuclear bunkers carting fissle material out strapped to their backs is impractical. I suspect if Pakistan ever did collapse on itself, politically, some upstart general would be more likely to nuke one of his own cities to prove a point than to nuke anyone else.

Darrell tends to simmer down a Sniper Spielautomaten bu when actually ask him to validate a claim. Sympathetic or dead Pakistani army and nuclear scientists would not stand in the way of well armed inurgents loading even Sniper Spielautomaten bu large nuclear device onto a truck. Said truck Sniper Spielautomaten bu easily make it to Kashmir or Kabul.

There are indeed plans for the American military to sieze the Pakistani nuclear arsenal if Musharraf falls. A nuclear weapon is not a handgrenade. I suppose its possible that AQ Kahn could work sympathetically with a group of insurgents, but the politics of that would be sticky.

Regarding loose nuclear material and anarchy, it might be more likely for Sniper Spielautomaten bu locals to loot it and Sniper Spielautomaten bu throw empfohlene Online-Casinos out, taking only the barrels:.

Almost all of the material was later recovered by the IAEA, and then unilaterally transferred to the US. Just a quick note regarding the highly enriched uranium HEU finds in Iran. Everybody seems to confuse HEU with weapons-grade enrichment levels.

Eh, just bomb the whole country and be done x-Uhr Online-Casino it Sniper Spielautomaten bu, geez. And it would really do wonders for our economy. Man, I hate Arabs. You can read this thread to see how the left really feels about it. No need for the right to spin or frame anything, as the Sniper Spielautomaten bu is revealing how disconnected from reality they are with their own words.

That seems to coincide with this article. Iran began Sniper Spielautomaten bu another small quantity last week, but inspectors wrote that Club Maschinen Schlitz Sniper Spielautomaten bu been more substantial pauses than progress.

They noted ist Online-Slots für echtes Geld Sign-up Bonus lag the Iranians are working at a much slower pace than the IAEA, outside nuclear experts and some foreign intelligence agencies Sniper Spielautomaten bu forecast. Iran had said it would be operating three cascades by now, each with centrifuges able to enrich uranium.

Instead, one cascade is assembled and is working only sporadically. And the only politics Musharraf cared about, vis a vis AQ Khan, was in protecting Khan from punishment and from questioning by foreign investigators.

If Musharraf falls, Al Qaeda and the Taliban will have plenty of support within the Pakistani establishment and military. AQ Khan would probably be freed in short order, and would probably work with Sniper Spielautomaten bu Qaeda. The Musharraf regime is an exceedingly thin, fragile crust of compliance with American interests, atop Sniper Spielautomaten bu stinking morass of Saudi-funded Islamist fervor.

Who are these legions of imaginary conservatives? As for your question what is my solution? Diplomacy is almost certainly not going to work, and diplomacy is buying Iran more time. Hey Darrell, you read yet? How about you at least read Animal Farm. No need for the left to spin or frame anything, as the right is revealing how disconnected from reality they are with their own words. In addition to Iran and Syria, the countries on the U. Promotion-Code Casino Land für 200 Rubel did Pakistan, for that matter.

As though that is going to solve the problem. Darrell, the mullahs have been in power between Between andwhere were all your worries about Iranian nuclear ambitions? What rönnen Slots Geld Ukraine sollte first, the US rhetoric or Iranian ambitions? Thanks to Bush-lovers like you. Folks, we were doing Sniper Spielautomaten bu well by the end here. The only way Sniper Spielautomaten bu could build a true threat to us would be if they Sniper Spielautomaten bu provoked into doing so, causing nationalism to override legitimate doubts for the average Iranian.

Six in 10 polled think there will be more terrorism in this country because the U. If this thread is any indication … can anyone describe a what the US official, avowed strategy for Iran will be in the next months, and b how that strategy will be viewed by Sniper Spielautomaten bu American public?

That statement more applies to Lebanon than Iran. In Lebanon, Hezbollah may make up part the govt, but are not in control of the govt. With Iran, Sniper Spielautomaten bu terrorist supporting mullahs are in control of the Sniper Spielautomaten bu. They are the very ones supporting terrorists.

Pooh is like a broken record. Over and over and over again. We have an entire hawk Sniper Spielautomaten bu run by the equivalent of swivel chair keyboard kommandos. Does it destroy the entire facility?

Or does it trigger nuclear bomb to go off? And exactly, how would we know where these facilities are? Do you think our intelligence is that good?

I mean, we KNEW were the WMDs were, are you sure you want to just strike out at Iran blindly? That is an act of war afterall, and an act of agression…kind of like what we are afraid of here. Just because a Sniper Spielautomaten bu is in power does not make them the majority in the country.

See Britain for one example. Sniper Spielautomaten bu reports on Natanz. Completely beyond the realm of possibility. Everything GW has ever said occurs in a vacuum. Nothing he ever does can possibly impact the policies of other countries.

Many of the known Iranian nuclear facilities are buried so deep that bunker busters are ineffective against them. Bombing Iran will be an act of War and will further inflame the Islamic world.

A direct attack on Iran will only strengthen the Sniper Spielautomaten bu influence on its government, and in every other wie ein Spielautomaten im Online-Casino schlagen with large Muslim populations. As someone pointed out earlier, if we can survive Krazy Kommisars with THOUSANDS OF NUKES AIMED DIRECTLY AT US, we can survive a misanthropic mullah with a handful of them.

Still not able to see your dick? Or at least Sniper Spielautomaten bu comfortable getting on your knees to blow people so you could avoid service. He looks like such an easy target, but the instant you engage him, you realize that you are stuck in a mess and there is no easy way to disengage without getting yourself stuck even further.

Jesus, Darrell, we get it. Do you really have to repeat yourself over Sniper Spielautomaten bu over again? Therefore, your doctrine is that any country that embarks on a nuclear technology program gets one chance to back down to verbal pressure, and then Sniper Spielautomaten bu gets the bunker busters.

I was fucking with you, not insulting you. So Republicans should run on the success of Iraq? The question then is What happens next? Bush and company had the same idea: Do we wait and see whether peace and light will descend on the world afterwards?

I believe their plan is this: You make an excuse Sniper Spielautomaten bu having to get to work early for an important meeting, get dressed fast and get out. In Iraq, it was flowers, and democracy, and cheap oil, and acclaim for themselves.

Darrell is not the tarbaby people should be worried about in this context. The Middle East is the biggest tarbaby on the planet. Iran has had weapons of mass destruction for over twenty years and deployed them in battle against Iraq. And yet not a single one has been handed to Hizbullah for use against Israel or any other target. Respectfully, though, this was Sniper Spielautomaten bu same hyperbole you Sniper Spielautomaten bu the administration used in regard to Iraq, and that assessment proved to be wrong.

So, given your track record on these matters Sniper Spielautomaten bu should we believe you this time? I say we drop tatical nukes on their underground facilities. So IF the missiles correctly target the places we have determined through slam dunk intelligence no doubt house the nuclear weapons which may or may not exist then the evil Moo-lahs will immediately throw up their hands Aw shucks style and go along their merry way?

I say we jump-start the process and nail Iran, then watch as Syria Sniper Spielautomaten bu becomes friendly and the other Middle East regimes realize we mean buisness. This is true in exactly the same way that we can Sniper Spielautomaten bu that Iraq can no longer attack us with WMD.

As Pb ironically suggests, what happens in the few years afterwards is important, too. For example, how many people think commercial air travel would survive this kind of exchange? Same objective as with Afghanistan. With Iran, in the short term, the best that we can hope to do is keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of the mullahs.

Have you missed the news lately? Now, look, part of the reason we went into Iraq was — the main reason we went into Iraq at the time was we thought he had weapons of mass destruction. Sounds a lot like Nation Building. The Iraqi regime has used diplomacy as Sniper Spielautomaten bu ploy to gain time and advantage. It has uniformly defied Security Council resolutions demanding full disarmament…. The danger is clear: Under Resolutions andboth still in effect, the United States and our allies are authorised to use force in Sniper Spielautomaten bu Iraq of weapons of mass destruction….

Today, no nation can possibly claim that Sniper Spielautomaten bu has disarmed. If only he had listened to his own advice. How would you go about as president deciding when it was in the national interest to use U. That would be a time to seriously consider the use of Sniper Spielautomaten bu. Secondly, whether or not the mission was clear.

Whether or not it was a clear understanding as to what the mission would be. Thirdly, whether or not we were prepared and trained to win. Whether or not our forces were of high morale and high standing and well-equipped. And finally, whether or not there was an exit strategy.

I would take the use of force very seriously. I would be guarded in my approach. The vice president and I have a disagreement about the use of troops. He believes in nation building. I would be very careful about using our troops Sniper Spielautomaten bu nation builders. I believe the role of the military is to fight and win war and therefore prevent war from happening in the first place.

So I would take my responsibility seriously. And it starts with making sure we rebuild our military power. We met the goals this year, but in the previous years Sniper Spielautomaten bu have not met recruiting goals. Some of our troops are not well-equipped. And therefore I want to rebuild the military power.

It starts with a Sniper Spielautomaten bu dollar pay raise for the men and women who wear the uniform. A billion dollars more than the Sniper Spielautomaten bu recently signed into law. Bonus plans to keep some of our high-skilled folks in the services and a commander in chief that sets the mission to fight and win war and prevent war from happening in the first place.

No bait and switch. There were over a dozen stated reasons for going into Iraq. Toppling Saddam and helping build a democracy in the heart of the middle east is not inconsistent with other security goals.

What question are you talking about? The only question in your previous post is a question regarding a hypothetical situation and commercial airline industry. How will that affect U. There was only one reason given for invading Iraq: That they were a Club City Casino Casino-Glücksspiel Jackpot Gaming threat to America and its allies which needed to be neutralized.

Your post sounded read more DougJ pretending he was a conservative. The original objective was to Sniper Spielautomaten bu an immediate threat which turned out to have never existed. I will buy Darrell a pacifier and a blanky. Hopefully this will make him feel safe and secure in lieu of his mommy. To pretend otherwise is to try and Sniper Spielautomaten bu history.

That statement is patently false. About the only upside I can think of Sniper Spielautomaten bu to Iran getting the Bomb is that, should they choose to use it outside of the Middle East, it would most likely be in one of the Blue states, such as New York.

Your post sounded like DougJ pretending he was a conservative because it was stupid. Whereas the Iraq Liberation Act Public Law expressed the sense of Congress that it should be the policy of the United States to support efforts to remove from power Sniper Spielautomaten bu current Iraqi regime and promote the emergence of a democratic government to replace that regime.

So instead of one reason we toss out dozens in the hopes we can do something that appears to achieve one of them, then declare victory. Its not a bait and switch. Its a variation on the cold questioning techniques used by douches pretending to communicate Sniper Spielautomaten bu the dead. Actually, the President was quite clear on this:. Some have said we must not act until the threat is imminent.

Since when have terrorists and Sniper Spielautomaten bu announced their intentions, politely putting us on notice before they strike? If this threat is permitted to fully and suddenly emerge, all actions, all words, and all recriminations would come too late.

Nuclear weapons are extraordinary precise pieces of engineering. Things have to go off precisely in the right order, with miniscule error bars of timing and location for a detonation to actually occur.

The US has had a number of tactical and strategic bombers crash with nukes on board over the past sixty years Rota Spain is the most famous, a B accident with no detonations as a result of a high speed collision between a bomb and a hard surface. The US Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of Sniper Spielautomaten bu to invade Iraq, an authorization which spelled out at least 18 different Sniper Spielautomaten bu why we needed to do it.

In the report… attacks and casualties have soared. Whereas it is in the national security of the United States to restore international peace and security to the Persian Gulf region. Alternatively, we could be just cleaning up after the first Gulf War.

I think one of previous poster was correct… you really should read Animal Farm. I stand corrected on that. Imagine if Clinton actually invaded Iraq. Bush never mentioned his main sources such as Chalabi was a criminal and Curveball was a drunk liar or that he KNEW of both before detailing his case. I never claimed Bush used that exact term.

But, the phrase WAS used by at least one high ranking official as a justification for invasion. And in general… that was the picture that the administration painted. We had to do something before our cities were attacked with WMD.

Do you deny that? And once again… I see you have gone for the personal insults. Are you fucking kidding me? How many planes a year are hijacked by Cuban radicals?

Yeah, real credible Darrell. Iran is number one out of Cuba and North Korea. And the biggest terror target in the US is Indiana. I hate this country so much sometimes! Bush most definitively made the detailed case that under the circumstances. He also turned out to be mostly wrong. I have no abouts that if we did a comparison of adminstaration comments leading up to the war… we would find far more references to WMD than to the Iraq liberation act.

I leave this as an excersice for the reader. You accidentally on purpose forgot Curveball. Of course HE never got to sit next to Pickles during the State of the Union. Now, I would normally say that that would preclude the use of military force but we ARE talking about the Bush Administration. Rationality has no place in such a discussion. Iran is not Iraq and look at the problems we are having there and if we attacked Iran our troops in Iraq would be incredibly vulnurable in that Shiia country.

No good solutions here I am afraid. Well, Sniper Spielautomaten bu were caught shipping scud missiles to Yemen. The American people were deliberately led to believe two things that were Sniper Spielautomaten bu true, namely WMDs and a connection to Those two things were made the crux of the need for war, Sniper Spielautomaten bu by the people, but by the government.

Those two things were false. There were no WMDs posing any threat, and there was no connection to Bush was wrong, or lied. He owes Sniper Spielautomaten bu, and us, an apology. Only then does any word out of his mouth deserve to be taken at face value. And the same goes for you.

Until you take responsibility, then there is no reason for anyone to take anything you say seriously. It all stemmed from Chalabi. When American spooks proved resistant, Chalabi cozied up Sniper Spielautomaten bu their counterparts in foreign intelligence services.

He found a receptive audience in the office of the vice president and at the Pentagon. After months of investigation, the CIA and FBI determined that the meeting had never taken place. I agree with that. That was Fox News, asking all the hard questions, fifteen months too late. We report, you decide! While its true that N.

Korea sells missiles to anyone and everyone the question was do they have a terror network? No, ends do not justify means.

The ends you describe do not justify the corruption of the American intellgence community, lying to Congress, and deliberately scaring the American people into a war that did not make them safer, which was the stated objective, and the only one Americans cared about.

Americans did not rally behind the war in order to liberate Iraq, or stand up for some dumbass principle. They did it to protect America from what they thought was a real threat, Sniper Spielautomaten bu they were duped. No, it is not better. Better would have been intel that was sound, and leadership of the country that was honest and restrained.

No, without question, it is not better. We are worse off Sniper Spielautomaten bu than we were before the war, and nearly two thirds of Americans agree with me. The ends you describe do not justify the corruption of the Sniper Spielautomaten bu intellgence community, lying to Congress.

Everyone believed Saddam had WMDs. How honest of you to assert otherwise. Everyone Sniper Spielautomaten bu Iraq Had WMD. No, they did not. I for example did not, and I further argued that even if he had them, he had no delivery system with which to deploy them outside his own borders.

His entire schtick was aimed at protecting a theft racket. Doing anything that Top Casino online the US would have been crazy and suicidal, and he was clearly neither.

I further argued that no connection to had been established. The proposed war made no sense militarily, or historically. And I turned out to be exactly right, as did a lot of people. The problem for you was that people who agreed with me were not on http://alexandarton.info/wie-man-geld-spielautomaten-verdienen.php tv channel or talk radio show that you were listening to.

The fact that a lot of people were fooled into believing bullshit does not excuse the bullshit you goddammed ignorant fuckhead. This raised additional questions about his reliability, as Sniper Spielautomaten bu was asked if he knew anything about mobile weapons labs a short time before Curveball emerged.

Three in Four Americans Say If Iraq Did Not Have Sniper Spielautomaten bu or Support al-Qaeda, US Should Not Have Gone to War:. Do you ever bother to read to what you link to, or do you just reflexively link to things you assume make Sniper Spielautomaten bu case hoping that nobody will bother to check? The President is authorized to use the Armed Forces of the United States as he determines to be necessary and appropriate in order to:. By Sept 20, on average, the nighttime temps will Sniper Spielautomaten bu to go down and the evenings and Sniper Spielautomaten bu will be Sniper Spielautomaten bu and cool.

Just do what I do: Starting on the 4th of July, I just count each SECOND until October. It helps pass the time. Voting valid only for a sitting Supreme Court Justice. Non-Supreme Court Justices need not apply. Alternately, sitting Republican Speaker of the House may cast a vote if a court wishes to not be activist. See special rules and regulations. Valid only until the Republicans lose the majority in House or Court. For more information, see rules posted daily Sniper Spielautomaten bu http: What happens if we ask them again, now?

Oddly enough, we find that the American people think George W. Bush is less honest than Bill Clinton. Your blog source said:. Sniper Spielautomaten bu and the U. But they did not believe them to be Sniper Spielautomaten bu immediate threat, and did not believe they would leave the country. If we fail to respond today, Saddam and all those who would follow in his footsteps will be emboldened tomorrow.

Sniper Spielautomaten bu the risks that the leaders of a rogue state will use nuclear, chemical or biological weapons against us or our allies is the greatest security threat we face. What is the relevance?

The problem at hand is that the lying prick running the country NOW made a big mistake that we are still Sniper Spielautomaten bu for. Why are you talking about Clinton? The guy in Sniper Spielautomaten bu NOW is the one responsible for the stupid war.

That was, and still is, a patently false statement. It fails Sniper Spielautomaten bu they failed. They failed to drill down into the intel. They failed to properly gauge Sniper Spielautomaten bu real threat. They failed Sniper Spielautomaten bu they overestimated their ability to handle the postwar problems.

They failed because they pimped up fears based on threats that were close to absurd on their face, and turned out to be dead wrong. They failed because they either made, or swallowed, connections to that were never there. They failed because they suppressed information that ran counter to the decisions they had already made. They lied about it then and continue to lie about it now. Darrell is right here. I remember about half a dozen excuses for the invasion.

Sure, technically the resolution issued by the US Congress Sniper Spielautomaten bu the President with War Powers in response to Article source may Sniper Spielautomaten bu only technically listed two reason Sniper Spielautomaten bu going to war — namely:.

In that sense, there were many, many reasons for waging that particular war in the Middle East and John S. John Cole, could you hold it down a little? Sniper Spielautomaten bu insistence on voicing your views of all this is drowning out everyone else. This of course is in stark contrast to what you, the lying sack of please click for source, had to say:.

That is what we call a patently false statement. Not that I expect a tar baby with buttons for eyes to understand that. How about a tasty shit sandwich? A figment of our imaginations.

But I can and do listen to what people with exactly that expertise say. Right-wing Republicans are not only science illiterates, but actively hostile to science. Right-wing Republicans, whatever their actual religious leanings, already have bought in totally to a magical-thinking view of the universe.

Magical thinking is what led right-wing Republicans to believe a war with Iraq would Sniper Spielautomaten bu a cakewalk, would pay for itself, and would be over in 6 months. I mean, the Imagination ride closed down at EPCOT several years ago. John Cole has been teaching at a university for several years. John lives in my bedroom — on my dresser! And the plush white kitty next to him must be Tunch! In one sense you have to see the dark humor and laugh at the relationship between the beyond-measure brain-dead retardocons and Chalabi.

I could go on, but one DIA agent said it pretty well:. I appreciate good work. So there you have it. Who check this out their right mind would trust these guys with national security?

I tried to reason with you all, I really did…. It bothers me how the left tries to Sniper Spielautomaten bu ALL possibility of military action, when their only proposed alternative to military action is diplomacy. OK, Darrell, fair enough, does it bother you that the right always tries to dismiss all possibility of diplomacy, when their only proposed Sniper Spielautomaten bu to diplomacy is military action?

I think you should go back and re-read everything I wrote. I NEVER said it was not on the list. I am not moving the goal Sniper Spielautomaten bu. For that rather simplified question… yes, I agree. Do I agree that the Iraq war was a good thing or the right thing because it removed Sniper Spielautomaten bu and sons from power? My answer to that is… hell no! I do not believe that the ends justify the means. I am one of those who was never convinced Iraq had WMD. What happens if the war had been executed competantly?

Saddam was a ruthless dictator. Iraq did have an oppressed majority. Saddam got into power via violent Revolution, he could just as easily have been kicked out the same way. Let yourself off the hook. There are not considered to be any liberal democracies in the Arab world. According to Sniper Spielautomaten bu who study and catalogue these things, there is no history of stable liberal democracy in the Arab world.

Some say Sniper Spielautomaten bu that Yemen might be the first http://alexandarton.info/online-casino-777-planet.php of stable liberal democracy in Sniper Spielautomaten bu Arab world.

The question might hinge on the length of time necessary to adequately demonstrate stability, or whether it will be shown that the country can go through a couple of regime changes without any problems. So far it has had only one president. So at this point I Sniper Spielautomaten bu we can say that Yemen is on a bubble in this regard. This might give you an idea of where they are now in the process of growing up.

Joe Wilson Sniper Spielautomaten bu is a lying sack of shitas was evident early on from the time the Senate intelligence committee findings became public. But you leftist morons were true believers, facts be damned. It follows that one of the most sensational charges leveled against the Bush White House — that it orchestrated the leak of Ms.

Wilson — is untrue. The partisan clamor that followed the raising of that allegation by Mr. All of that might have been avoided had Mr. Sniper Spielautomaten bu, it now appears that the person Sniper Spielautomaten bu responsible for the end of Ms.

Wilson chose to go public with an explosive charge, claiming — falsely, as it turned out — that he had debunked reports of Iraqi uranium-shopping in Niger and that his report had circulated to senior administration officials. He ought to have expected that both those officials and journalists such as Mr.

Novak would ask why a retired Sniper Spielautomaten bu would have been sent on such a mission and that the answer would point to his wife. Lying sack of shit, whose lies were swallowed hook, line and sinker by the stupidest of the stupid. How proud you liberals must be.

Uh, just one little problem, Darrell: The article is dead wrong. Wilson not only had a right to expose what he believed was a government lie, he had a duty to do so. His agenda was to discredit a government that Sniper Spielautomaten bu to get us into a war. If you do, then you Sniper Spielautomaten bu Robert Novak are the same kind of filth.

We Sniper Spielautomaten bu know now. It is perfectly clear that Iran has the right Sniper Spielautomaten bu enrich Uranium. HEU has legitimate uses, as was pointed out earlier.

From a purely legal perspective, the US is probablly in greater violation of the NPT for continuing to maintain and develop nukes, and for not assisting Iran in its drive for nuclear technology. Iran can legally leave the treaty, giving a sufficient reason and 3 months notice.

Furthermore, the country is rather corrupt, implying that the rulers are enjoying their station, and not eager for personal martyrdom. So this is jackalope country, huh? Ummm…you missed one thing, sport. That was an editorial. As in opinion piece. As in what ONE person chooses to believe. It has been baffling as to why President Bush Sniper Spielautomaten bu been such a willing, complete tool for Iran. The reason is now known. After years of kissing Arab Saudi royalty on the lips, it has been learned that the president yearns now for Persian.

He is hoping the Iranian president will be grateful for Iraq. Nowhere near as evil of a regime, and much more secure in themselves. Any rational actor would want nukes. But my blurb was in reference only to your blurb as I blockquoted it. Also, how the hell can anyone honestly write an entire editorial about Plamegate, mentioning Novak, and not mention Karl Rove?

Or do I have to ask? Darrell will gladly supply this kind of cover for any hideous idea of his. If your facts refute his spuds, he will disappear faster Sniper Spielautomaten bu a fart in hurricane.

Why the US is Holding Its Fire On Iran. In the course of a visit to Iran in mid-AugustAgency inspectors continued their examination of the document. However, Iran informed the inspectors that the taking of notes would not be permitted, and the notes which had been taken thus far by the inspectors during that visit Sniper Spielautomaten bu to be destroyed. The document remains under seal in Iran. I realize this is hyptothetical, but imagine if there were a country that, like Iran, had strong Islamic fundamentalist tendencies and that, unlike Iran, was also harboring Osama bin Laden as well as various former members of the Talibain.

And imagine that this country had nuclear bombs. And that they sold nuclear tehcnology to other countries. What can we do Sniper Spielautomaten bu stop Sniper Spielautomaten bu The next Islamic Messiah could do a lot of Sniper Spielautomaten bu, probably more than a nuclear bomb could.

Up to his neck in bullshit about Iran and Iraq, Darrell Sniper Spielautomaten bu up the topic of… Joe Sniper Spielautomaten bu The worst thing about this is the copycat shows. Obviously, conventional weapons are not going to take out the Next Messiah. But what Sniper Spielautomaten bu tactical nukes? What if he sneaks in through one of our ports. That guy could cause serious damage in one our major cities.

Wilson chose to go public with an explosive charge, claiming—falsely, as it turned out—that he had debunked reports of Iraqi uranium-shopping in Niger and that his report had circulated to senior administration officials. Do they stand by the sixteen words, then? This is just nonsense, probably to attack distract further from the original point—that there was an organized campaign out of the White House to out a CIA operative who was currently working on tracking Iranian nuclear proliferation.

He knew of no contracts signed between Niger and any rogue states for the sale of uranium. He said that an Sniper Spielautomaten bu delegation was interested in purchasing tons of yellowcake from Niger Sniper Spielautomaten bubut said that no contract was ever signed with Iran. Well, really, Iraq already had enough yellowcake lying around:.

The material at this facility Sniper Spielautomaten bu approximately metric tons of safeguarded uranium and several non-fissile radioisotope sources that are not under Sniper Spielautomaten bu safeguards.

The uranium is mostly in the form of yellow cake, an isotopically natural form that is an impure oxide. There is a small quantity of low-enriched and depleted uranium. The front gate was open and unsecured, and the fence line and barrier wall on the back side of the facility had been breached.

And the troops reported that there were no seals on the exterior doors of the buildings. The team recovered over barrels of various sizes and shapes and condition, as well as five radioactive sources and some other items.

But virtually none of the people admitted to having taken the items from the facility. They said they had bought them. And indeed, barrels like these are ubiquitous around Iraq. Uranium materials and some other stored materials had been dumped on the floor in places, and in one Sniper Spielautomaten bu, there were a number of radiological sources scattered around the floor. Lee Siegel is a dickwad columnist with a penchant for posting pseudonymous blog comments glorifying his own shitbag writing.

Siegel Sniper Spielautomaten bu brave, brilliant, and wittier than Stewart will ever be. Take that, you bunch of immature, abusive sheep. Hiatt is a liberal who runs a liberal editorial page. Sniper Spielautomaten bu opponent of the Bush administrations policies in Iraq. As I predicted, liberals are too emotionally Sniper Spielautomaten bu to admit the truth, because most of you really and truly are DISHONEST TO THE CORE. And the left, as is their character, is again too dishonest to admit the truth.

And a wincingly pretentious writer. Liberals will hide in their snark and ridicule this and that. Now when truth is out for all to see, liberals move on without admitting how wrong they were.

What the hell kinda name is spezzatura anyway? Did he just slap his keyboard Sniper Spielautomaten bu type it up in a drunken fit or what? I remember 8-year-olds who played Counter Strike that could come up with a better handle than Sniper Spielautomaten bu. Does Wilson still have a celebrity DKos diary? No apologies, no admitting the truth, no self examination over how their obsessive Bush hatred caused them to ignore Sniper Spielautomaten bu contrary facts and evidence.

Darrell is a prime example of why Republicans cannot be trusted with national security, and why they cannot be trusted with governmental responsibility. Darrell, your only post so far that actually contained an idea September 1st, at Sniper Spielautomaten bu Were we not in Iran, your plan might make some sense—indeed, it was the standard Clinton-era response to such threats.

Now, though, we have more than a hundred thousand troops that Iran could attack or cut off in retaliation. Your precious administration has painted the United States into a corner through the single most wrongheaded foreign policy of at least the last thirty years, so you rail at Democrats for not having a plan to bail you out. Figure out a way to wind down Iraq, then we might have some options.

So, given your absurd set of constraints, what are you planning to do, exactly? All you have to do is keep all your balls in the air until January ofof course, and you can blame the ensuing catastrophe on whichever Democrat replaces Bush.

Nice try, Darrell, Fred Hiatt has been carrying water for the Bush administration for a while now. You are correct, however, that Richard Armitage is not exactly what you would call a neocon, he was aligned with Powell in terms of how military might should be projected.

I have always held out the possibility that the Plame name was a monumental accident that in itself Sniper Spielautomaten bu covering. But even Sniper Spielautomaten bu Hiatt admits, Cheney and See more were definitely interested in the idea of discrediting Joe Wilson with that information.

And it was used to cover up a whopper that wound up in the State of the Union. By floating the idea that his wife sent him on vacation? That intel was shakier than hell and turned out to be nonsense from a guy we tortured.

That is a fact. Darrell, we were not in Afghanistan to do anything but fuck up the Soviet Online-Casino, die wirklich. We left behind a partially destroyed unstable government.

Wilson had experience and sources in the region. I suppose you think the Afghans would have been just peachy with the idea Sniper Spielautomaten bu us sending a ton of troops in? He lied his ass off and you defend him. Did you see Rumsfeld sent a letter to Democrats whining about how the news media mischarecterized his comments in Salt Lake City?

Apparently he believes Democrats go here too stupid to listen to his speech themselves, and they have to be told what he really meant. Darrell is seriously arguing that after the Afghanistanis ousted the Russian troops that the United States should have invaded with an occupation Sniper Spielautomaten bu because Sniper Spielautomaten bu Afgahnis were apparently too Sniper Spielautomaten bu to govern themselves.

Give Darrell a break, will ya. Next to his fear of Cobra Commander, this cut and run thing is the only talking point he has to work check this out. I have chosen Light French Grey. He said NOTHING about his wife Sniper Spielautomaten bu the editorial. What I see in the editorial was someone who reacted to a British allegation that he Sniper Spielautomaten bu already concluded was false and had been sent on a mission to find that just click for source. Did you hear Sniper Spielautomaten bu before?

There was no cut and Sniper Spielautomaten bu in Afghanistan because Sniper Spielautomaten bu was no plan to cut and run for, so stop calling it that. There are limits to what we can do. Fortunately, this strain of thought has finally reached its decline stage, and your mit schnellen Auszahlungen Online-Casino will once again be pushed to the fringe where it came from.

Gee, thanks, Darrell, but link said the op-ed had that information in it. I find Sniper Spielautomaten bu a little off the wall that Wilson would contend that his wife had nothing to do with the trip. Do I have click the following article sit here and type the sixteen words, or what?

What is your problem? Get to your point. I think it has finally occurred to me that I Sniper Spielautomaten bu debating a fucking spoof. Joe Wilson and his wife deliberately set up this trip for the purpose of discrediting the Bush administration. Wilson lied his ass off by leaking disinformation, then again in his NY Times editorial and book. That you and other Sniper Spielautomaten bu are not embarrassed about believing and pushing these Sniper Spielautomaten bu says Sniper Spielautomaten bu all about your character.

Yes, Wilson leaked disinformation anonymously. That you continue to defend him says it all about your character. The point is what he Sniper Spielautomaten bu no credible support for the claim that Hussain had succeeded, pr even made a serious effort, in getting yellowcake. The point is that the White House had his report, and additional Sniper Spielautomaten bu to know that the documents they had gotten Sniper Spielautomaten bu otherwise were fake.

Who cares about Wilson, other than that he was Sniper Spielautomaten bu about what mattered? And Sniper Spielautomaten bu he offers proof that Bush lied in order to get political support for the invasion of Iraq?

Pajamas Media reports this breaking news:. Subsequent to the publication of the NGIC report, PJM has learned the following. In early August on a patrol north of Baghdad, us soldiers made another startling and important click the following article. Searching near an Iraqi construction site, the troops uncovered at least chemical weapon shells.

For those keeping score, this most recent discovery raises the total number of chemical weapons found http://alexandarton.info/fuer-online-casino-foren.php Iraq since to more than The Senate intelligence committee found that Iraqi representative contacted the government of Niger several times with regards to purchase of yellowcake.

Joe Wilson was a Republican when the trip was set up; one who, moreover, had a deep respect and liking for Bush, Sr. Joe Sniper Spielautomaten bu went toe-to-toe with Saddam Hussein back when Bush Junior was still snorting coke in the White House: Valerie Plame was a year plus career CIA agent.

Whatever her party affiliation and I have no idea what it was beforeshe worked loyally and well during the Reagan and Bush I Administrations as well during the Clinton years. Darrell, if you actually believe what you wrote as opposed Geldautomaten anheben writing it just for grins and giggles you need to see a doctor. The Senate intelligence committee concluded that several contacts ie phone calls, letters, etc was a serious effort?

The same assholes that were as surely paid off and controlled as were Judy Miller and Sue Schmidt? I have long suspected, Sniper Spielautomaten bu said, that John Cole either writes this character, or has somebody do it for him. The character is totally without conscience or morals, totally without intellectual integrity, and generally bulltproof when Sniper Spielautomaten bu comes to criticism.

The character never answers challenges to its assertions based on fact, and never explains itself. Whether he works for John, is John, or Sniper Spielautomaten bu tolerated by John, that answer works and makes this web page. His social views are at least as liberal please click for source mine, maybe more so.

You must be joking. Perhaps Sniper Spielautomaten bu and Valerie just have an unforseen amount of muscle within the CIA and a truly devious political agenda to topple the President. Or perhaps this is a national conspiracy of the CIA as a whole to bring down the President. But it looks suspiciously like Joe Wilson, who had made previous trips to Niger and had contacts within the country, was a perfectly valid candidate for deployment.

That the CIA director had final say on the mission. And that this mission was no more or less nefarious than every other CIA mission to date. Wilson is a proven liar. That you and so many others on the left continue to Sniper Spielautomaten bu him Sniper Spielautomaten bu what lowlifes you truly are.

But I do see your point. Iraq will be a stable democracy any day now. Like I said, Darrell, there are limits to what we can do. Thanks to your brand of interventionism, we now have given the fundies a new home. Whatever the case may be, it does seem to work. You have to admit that without a spectacle like Darrell, the majority of posts would rarely break comments.

If we stipulate for Sniper Spielautomaten bu that Wilson is a liar, what is the material lie of any significance? Are you saying that he found proof that Saddam set up a supply of yellowcake, but that he lied about it? Rather, he was sent to check out certain claims, Sniper Spielautomaten bu to find any support for them, and then went public when he heard Bush declare that proof had been found.

The only lie of any significance is the one uttered, repeatedly and systematically, by Bush, his VP, their agents and cronies. OK, Wilson bullshitted about Cheney having arranged the trip. Darrell is just a little more well versed in teh stupid than most. Bombing Sniper Spielautomaten bu shit out of a civilian populace and destabilizing a government is what creates more terrorists, you knucklehead.

No, I disagree with your entire rebuttal, but especially this part. John makes a show of banning or threatening to ban on a regular basis not as often as he used to, when he appeared to care more Sniper Spielautomaten bu the blog than he does now.

Also, John regularly rebukes people … but he never rebukes Darrell. I have seen him Sniper Spielautomaten bu make a pass at something idiotic Darrell said exactly once, and Sniper Spielautomaten bu was a year Sniper Spielautomaten bu half ago.

Nobody would start a political blog and agree in advance to put up with the kind of shit Darrell pulls here. It turns any thread instantly into an ongoing verbal wedgie for Sniper Spielautomaten bu who wants to participate.

Not even the simplest, most basic facts can be agreed on when Darrell is around. There is no basis for anything. He reduces every exchange to its lowest common denominator. If you are right, which I seriously doubt, then the best I can say for Cole is that be is a damned fool. If you were more honest, you would acknowledge the material lie which the WP article focuses upon.

Wilson chose to go public with an explosive charge, claiming—falsely, as it turned out—that he had debunked reports of Iraqi uranium-shopping in Niger. You and virtually every other liberals embraced him. John Kerry made him part of his campaign, but now Sniper Spielautomaten bu has been proven to be a lying sack of shit and the left still defends him. Because you all Sniper Spielautomaten bu dishonest to the core. The government that became the Taliban was not even the worst side effect of the way the US carried out its intervention there.

The infiltration of arms and guerrillas that the CIA organized was carried out through Pakistan, with the active cooperation of the Pakistani govt.

In return for that cooperation we turned a blind eye toward the development by AQ Khan of the Pakistani nuclear program. The rest, Sniper Spielautomaten bu they say, is history. In this we succeeded, as a reading of some of the memoirs of the Soviet troops who served there will attest. In fact, there was a non-Taliban government under Najibullah that held power until He was replaced in by factions of the mujahedeen — the forces we had armed and spielen Online-Casino-Roulette ohne Registrierung to organize over the previous decade.

And, the muj had only just finished a role as our allies in their war for independence. So then Ron, you opposed our military action in Afghanistan? Do you see what a hypocrite you are? Just curious as to how deeply the self delusions have taken hold. Yes, Darrell, actually I do oppose it. We did not bomb civilians in Afganistan, or at least no many of them. There was an Sniper Spielautomaten bu civil war, and we gave strategic and tactical support to the side we wanted to win.

I could compare and contrast that with what we did in Sniper Spielautomaten bu, but there is little point in going through the exercise. As for RonB, our effort in Afganistan did have the result in significantly weakening the ability of al Qaeda to strike us again.

That said, it could have been more successful by utterly destroying al Sniper Spielautomaten bu. It could have left a bigger mess than it did, too. Conclusion — it made sense at the time, and in hindsight it still does. The jury is still out as to whether it did Sniper Spielautomaten bu good for Afganistan. Only Sniper Spielautomaten bu so. The delusions have taken hold so deeply, that rational debate with people like you is not possible.

You ignore all facts which refute your Sniper Spielautomaten bu. The reasons why we got hit are found here at home, not in Afghanistan. Your point is what? That this did not create a lot of terrorists? That this is a good policy? That the reason that Iraq is such Sniper Spielautomaten bu fucking success is because we killed so many civilians there, just like we did in Afganistan, which was such a success?

Thanks for at least being honest about your extremism in that area. You opposed our intervention in Sniper Spielautomaten bu, a country run by the Taliban which Sniper Spielautomaten bu and harbored Al Queda. Not Sniper Spielautomaten bu I entirely buy this.

That does raise an interesting point however. You may well be right. I could say that I never thought Bush would make such a hacktacular disaster out of it, but in retrospect, that should have been the one thing to be most sure of. Hey bright boy, lets remember that the hijackers came from Saudi Arabia. Afghanistan was a message. LOL…you think you were confused, hell, Sniper Spielautomaten bu was a goddamn fire breathing neocon at the time! Because, you know, things are going so well in Afghanistan.

I would say that problem did not apply click Afganistan, but sure as hell applies Sniper Spielautomaten bu Iraq.

And nice slur about leftists during WWII. Seems like this is a recent meme of the left. Do you see how inconsistent you and other leftists are in your position? Hard to know, of course. And yes, we did not create terrorists by bombing the Balkans. But were we invading Serbia and taking it over? If we had done to Serbia what Bush did to Iraq invade, take over, let chaos reign, start selling everything of value to international corporations for pennies on the dollar I am sure we would have created lots of Serbian insurgents?

Conclusion — Clinton was not an inept, corrupt, ignorant asshole like our Sniper Spielautomaten bu president. And Sniper Spielautomaten bu the latter case, what years? Funny how the left keeps repeating these phrases:. Is there a leftwingnut school somewhere which teaches you to recite these Sniper Spielautomaten bu over and over and over? Enjoy Sniper Spielautomaten bu whack-a-troll, guys!

Hurrican Ernesto is arriving and it is time to drag the kids in and make them vacuum this dump. Terrorism is article source, not created, by policy. As this blurb posted earlier to the thread states. Terrorism happens after it is provoked, and when failure to harden against it creates opportunity.

Unprotected ports, unexamined cargo on airplanes, failure of commonsense security measures. Those measures, implemented by a sentient government that knew how to connect dots, might have prevented They can prevent the next Fighting useless wars of opportunity on countries that have no direct Sniper Spielautomaten bu on threats, such as Iraq, create terrorism two ways: One, by diverting resources Sniper Spielautomaten bu activity away from real threats, and two, by provoking radical groups who detest our insane policies.

Smarter policy and better security are the keys to abating terrorism. Things we might get if we can get a new government that has a einem Beliebte Online Casino der. Regardless of why it is so, one thing is sure: Darrell is here because John Cole wants him here. STILL WORSE Sniper Spielautomaten bu YOU THINK IT IS…. Attacks and civilian deaths in Iraq have risen sharply in recent months, with casualties increasing by 1, a month, and sectarian violence has engulfed larger areas of the country, the Pentagon said Friday in a strikingly dismal report to Congress.

The level of violence is up. And the sectarian quality of the violence is particularly acute and disturbing. Administration officials, for example, repeatedly have emphasized that recent violence has been concentrated in Baghdad.

The new report notes that violence has increased in Diyala, Mosul and Kirkuk as the sectarian conflict has spread to those cities. Even when the Bushies switch into their Sniper Spielautomaten bu war-of-civilizations mode, the happy talk continues. Three years of Republican occupation in Iraq has had about the same effect on their country as six years of Republican rule has had on ours. As usual, while John watches WVU football and Darrell humps your leg, Kevin Drum is on the job and getting it right.

Republicans protecting you from Terror! If we had done to Serbia what Bush did to Iraq invade, take over, let chaos reign, start selling everything of value to international corporations for pennies on the dollar.

Hmmm…and then, as Darrell leaves, out of nowhere materializes Par R, the slope-foreheaded insult machine. We strike Iranian nuclear sites. The Shiite regions of Iraq, in retaliation, cut off supplies to our troops.

Iran also retaliates directly, sinking some fraction of our fleet in the Gulf with missiles. We lose our ability to negotiate with the Shiia inside Iraq, and are left with only the Kurds willing to deal with us. At least one person in the audience seemed disappointed that Giuliani was being so stingy right in the middle of half-priced red-meat week. As the mayor answered the last of the three questions from reporters, he talked about the root causes of terrorism: It was the kind of stupid remark candidates usually ignore.

He could have just left. The fact is that Republicans and Democrats have the same objectives. Republicans are loyal Americans. I think we have better answers, but we have to respect each other. Now, did you actually mean to say something about, say, Iran? Or is your goal actually to get everyone to ignore, ridicule, or repudiate you? I guess that fell through. Well maybe it was because of his spirited defense of pedophiles a few months back.

Did you all get that? Do a search to get his actual words. And this is after John Cole promised me several times he would take care of him. Maybe I have been living in Massachusetts too long, maybe I just got that Sniper Spielautomaten bu of the bar exam wrong…. I think scs is tacitly accusing ppGaz of pedophilia.

Well actually, Furious, your wife is wrong. Pedophilia is nothing but a preference. Acting on pedophilia is the crime, not pedophilia itself.

There is no law against desiring any kind of sex. The law only addresses actions. At least, so far, until the police state advocates have completely taken over. And, the death penalty? Wow, I never caught that last part of his comment. His abusive behaviour Sniper Spielautomaten bu sense to me now. I always thought his constant comments on little girls and teddy bears was strangely inappropriate and showed a very strange and unusual psychology behind them and now my sense is confirmed by this new information to me.

As we all know, it turns out that abused children often grow up to become abusers themselves. Although of read more I have sympathy for article source he went through as a child, I think there should be some screening for the posters that post here, and this blog should not become a vehicle for troubled Sniper Spielautomaten bu to attempt to engage in psychological abuse.

I suppose it may fail to include criminal conspiracy to commit rape of a child, but that in most states requires an affirmative act, or at least communication of the conspiracy to a partner in crime. Feel free to look up my posts about pedophilia, or any other subject.

I post facts, and if the zu um verdienen Casino Geld prove me to be wrong, I will be the first Sniper Spielautomaten bu say so.

Just pick a subject, and scs will fuck it up. John Cole know who I am, has my name, Sniper Spielautomaten bu email addys, and my money. If he has any problem with me, all he has to do is write and say so. Scs is a liar. Not just on this topic, but on many Sniper Spielautomaten bu. Plenty of sexual abuse of kids is committed by ordinary people not generally attracted to children.

In any event, interested persons should Sniper Spielautomaten bu the voluminous material out Sniper Spielautomaten bu on the subject and draw their own conclusions. My assertions earlier were corret AFAIK and remain correct today … pedophilia is a mental condition, and the condition does not necessarily include actual crimes against persons. Sniper Spielautomaten bu would be Sniper Spielautomaten bu payoff for letting people like scs post here.

Correction, there is one more email to me from John Cole that should be catalogued here. I wrote John to complain about Darrell, and John basically blew me off. If you need more information about any of those exchanges between me and John, just write him and ask him. Well then John Cole is liar if he never said anything to Sniper Spielautomaten bu because he personally assured me he would do something about you, but apparently he chickened out.

He is like one of those pricipals at the elementary schools who look the other Sniper Spielautomaten bu around the molestor teachers. Anyway, you make sense to me now ppgaz. I have no problem revealing my identity. At least posters here know who I am. Your last two Sniper Spielautomaten bu appear to me to be bordering on being actionable. I have both the means and the willingness to take legal action against you and I will not hesitate to do so if you keep this up.

I am quite serious. Might I suggest to the puppeteers that they put their puppets up at the same time once in a while, to throw people off? You posted several times about being in the court system, and you expressed the fact that you were facing much time. When I have time, I will post your actual words on this. There is no action against the truth. What were these charges against you ppgaz? Why not reveal them to us? As for actionable charges, likewise. You continue to harass me to the point where I feel threatened and stalked, and I can do the same legally.

Make no mistake about it. Just to make you sweat. Sniper Spielautomaten bu you know and I Sniper Spielautomaten bu, and most people on here, know what you said. So what were these serious legal charges you faced that you wrote about ppgaz? Wow, the great people you meet on here…. Let me explain something to you: My job requires a current background check, and my status and history are a matter of public record.

I have no secrets. Sniper Spielautomaten bu you produce the posts, I will point John Cole and a large number of posters here to my personal information, and your posting days here will be over. That is why you may or may landom Casino-Online-Leistungs-Verhältnis have a clear background check. However, I am dying of curiousity.

What were the charges? It would go a long way to help other potential felons on here. I just think we should share. Who knows, if it happens again, maybe I might see you running around on Cops one day. It never ocurred to you that the reason I spend a lot of time in the court system is that maybe my work Sniper Spielautomaten bu me there, did it? But produce those posts. I see that you know as much about background checks and government clearances as you know about most other things: Perhaps the unpleasantly spoofiest ever.

I feel strangely tainted by Sniper Spielautomaten bu to the damnable spoofiness of this wretched scs spoofster. What confuses me is this: Why would anyone want to make up a spoof of an easily confused neurotic with a persecution complex as wide as the Gobi… only without being, well, funny about it?

Why would anyone want to make up a spoof of an easily confused neurotic with a persecution complex as wide as the Gobi. Is it possible that scs and ppGaz are one and the same person? Certainly, if one were to review the writings of ppGaz over recent months, one would see clear signs of mental disease, a veritable display of classic paranoid schizophrenia. This could get tedious: The court system here has several thousand workers in hundreds of Sniper Spielautomaten bu descriptions, in both public and private service.

Well, you Sniper Spielautomaten bu that you were on call, so I thought you had a good expert witness wheeze going. It is a great business, as good as prostitution without having anything to do with sex. More money, more glam, skyboxes for all the big games, parties with politicians and celebrities. If Carville can do it, I can do it. With Darrell, Par R, and scs, this site has the most boring trolls anywhere. At least scs, the real one, was fun to mess with, because it would burst into tears and threaten everyone.

Someone who deprives you of solitude without providing you with company. A group of cowards around the bully who thinks they can Sniper Spielautomaten bu power by supporting him DougJ. But your tired routine is not working on me.

In other news, ppGaz Par R is a poopyhead, and scs Michael Moore is fat. Now where were we? I posit Sniper Spielautomaten bu Iran concealed their Sniper Spielautomaten bu materials Sniper Spielautomaten bu feeding them to Michael Moore.

And glows in the dark. President Bush chose to go public with an explosive charge, claiming—falsely, as it turned out—that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, a charge which led to the invasion of Iraq.

Now now, those two situations are totally different. No word yet on the ranking of http: Does Balloon Juice come in before or after http: How about this page: Maybe Balloon Juice has just taken anti-Semetism to a higher, fancier, more intrinsic level.

RSA — Did Darrell seriously post a link to an Editorial, claiming it as proof of something? Do you think that Darrell does anything here other than demean and degrade the quality of the discourse? Sniper Spielautomaten bu thread is typical of the kind of ultra-right invective that Sniper Spielautomaten bu vomits regularly.

What you do is partisan hackery. You have a responsibility to the public discourse, and you fail miserably. An honest response to Darrell would be to first warn him, and then ban him, because no one can debate with Sniper Spielautomaten bu propagandist. But SFAIK, John has a very strict and limited banning policy. Please note that I agree with you that this place would be a lot better without certain people. But it would also lose what I love about it: The best thing to do with a troll is ignore it.

If you have someone attempting to go after one person constantly, you, whether he is being addressed or not, personally insulting you, calling you trailor trash, etc and not sticking to any political issues at all, every time you try to post anything, that is abuse, and should not be tolerated on this site or any site that wants to take itself seriously.

Coupled Sniper Spielautomaten bu the unusual stalking and harrassment, that becomes Sniper Spielautomaten bu only creepy, but threatening. Even John Cole agreed to Sniper Spielautomaten bu and promised me to do something about Sniper Spielautomaten bu, but apparently John is a not a man of his word and I have lost my respect for him.

Of course some sites worse than others, and I think that reflects the blog leaders characters. So perhaps it best to leave you losers intact in your own little club in your own little world.

CaseyL — if you have a minute, visit my url for this post and grab my email addy and send me an email. PS — the address is in the first text on the first album. See this thread and others for ample evidence of this tendency.

They are half-wits who cling to their leftiwing dogma. If you can stomach it, go back and read all Sniper Spielautomaten bu exchanges between me and the mental defective known as scs. Off topic, but like that matters from what I see. If anyone had some question about Bush the Little reading 60 books so far this year, take a look at this video. His reading Sniper Spielautomaten bu come up.

There are drunks out there drunk right now who are more coherent and persuasive in their lies. Sniper Spielautomaten bu man has gone from being a sharp, articulate guy in command of his facts, to a blithering idiot, in about ten years.

Tell us the backstory of Camud. The backstory… of… the book? I also read three Shakespears. Your tax dollars at work. Anyway, I try to hardly post on here much already. Even a pedophilic bastard deserves to get some amusement out of life. He creates churn, which means page views. He is here because John wants him here. I read this in here current issue of Time magazine: The VA runs the largest integrated health-care system in the country, with more than 1, hospitals, clinics and nursing homes employing 14, doctors and 61, nurses.

And by a number of measures, this Sniper Spielautomaten bu health-care program—socialized medicine on a small scale—is beating the marketplace. And all that was achieved at a relatively low cost.

In the past 10 years, the number of veterans click to see more treatment from click to see more VA has more than doubled, from 2.

Tom Bock, commander of the American Legion, has another idea: But conservatives fear such an arrangement would be a Trojan horse, setting up Sniper Spielautomaten bu even larger national health-care program and taking more business from the check this out sector.

If VA health care continues to be the industry Sniper Spielautomaten bu, it may become more difficult to argue that the market can do better. Personally, I had been under the impression that the Sniper Spielautomaten bu medical system was bascially a disaster. The only thing Sniper Spielautomaten bu do hear him complain about is how this administration keeps underfunding Sniper Spielautomaten bu VA and generally fucking over Vets every chance they get.

Which of course goes very nicely with the pro-military rhetoric they would have everyone buy into. I seem to recall auf Geld dem für Roulette-Rad spielen echtes about them having to fight the VA for care esp.

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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. STORE Featured Explore Curators Wishlist News Stats. Free to Play Early Access Demos Virtual Reality Steam Controller. Steam Controller Steam Link Steam Machines HTC Vive. As World War II draws to a close, the first covert battles of the Cold War begin. Caught in the life and death struggle between Soviets and Germans in war-torn Berlin, you control the fate of a lone American OSS Click. Popular user-defined tags for this product:.

Sign in or Open in Steam. View the manual View update history Read related news View discussions Find Community Groups. About This Game As World War II draws to a close, the first covert battles of the Cold War begin. Disguised Spielautomat Pferd a German and working deep behind enemy lines you must stop Stalin's forces from gaining control of Germany's nuclear secrets. Prepare to alter the course of history.

Authentic World War II sniper simulation featuring realistic weapons, bullet ballistics and sniping skills Massive single player game with 28 heart-pounding missions Intense 8-player LAN sniper battles Sniper Spielautomaten bu Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Assassination game modes 3rd person view for close quarter action and movement - 1st view person for sniping Options to take account of gravity, wind, posture, heart-rate and breathing to execute the perfect shot Multi-angle 'Bullet Cam' for kill confirmation Non linear game play provides unique action each time a mission is played.

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Gun Gripes Episode 73: What is a Sniper Rifle?

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