Some of the earliest known references to sword swallowing were documented over four thousand years ago in India by fakirs and shaman priests who practiced the art around BC, along with fire-eating, fire-walking on hot coals, laying on cactus or a bed of nails, snake handlingand other ascetic religious practices, as demonstration of their invulnerability, power, and connection with their gods.

Sword swallowing is still performed in certain parts of India today. Sword swallowers in India are known by the term "golewala" or "jolewale" or "jholewale" or "jholawalla" meaning "juggler" or "street performer" or "jagudar" meaning "magician" or "miracle worker".

Legend has it that there was said to have been a tribe Kaufen Sie Spielautomaten in Gaminator verwendet sword swallowers known as the Konda-Dora tribe in the state of Andhra Pradesh who would pass on the art of sword swallowing from father to son. Konda-Dora is a Dravidian language spoken in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, Assam and Orissa by about 28, people.

The Konda-Dora are distributed in the Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, Srikakulam and East Godavari districts. According to the Census, their population wasThey call Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Pandava Doras or Pandava Rajas. They believe that they are the descendants of the Pandavas of the Mahabharata. Etymologically "konda" means "hill"and "dora" means "headman" or "chieftain"hence "Konda-Dora" means "hill chieftain".

The Konda-Dora language, which is also known as Kubi, is closely related to the Kui language of the Khond, and has borrowed vocabulary from Oriya and Telugu. Many Konda-Dora speak Telugu as well as or instead of their native language. One of the most famous of the Indian sword swallowers was Ramo Samee "The East Indian Juggler" who performed in the UK and US from to Seeking photos and more information.

Indian Sword Swallowers Indian Sword Swallowers Indian Sword Swallowers article Indian Sword Swallowers illust Indian Sword Swallower Indian Sword Swallower engraving Indian Sword Swallower Indian Sword Swallower card South Indian Sword Swallower s? Indian Sword Swallower s? Indian Sword Swallower s Indian Sword Swallower s Sword Swallower in Jaipur, India Sword Swallower in Jaipur, India.

From India, sword swallowing spread to China, Greece, Rome, Europe, and the rest of the world. Sword swallowing was often seen at festivals throughout the ancient Roman empire. In the Popul Vuhthe Maya myths, there is mention of the two main Mayan heroes doing stilt-walking and sword-swallowing. This suggests that the time of its transmission from oral to written history would have been about years ago. According to a June, article in Tops Magazine, an Independent Magazine of Magic entitled "Primitive Sword Swallowing"a primitive tribe in Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel New Guinea uses a form of "vine-swallowing" in the initiation rites of teens being initiated into adulthood.

Chinnery told of a new native tribe found in New More info. In an initiation ceremony, added Mr. Chinnery, the men pushed lengths of flexible cane into their throats until the cane reached their stomachs. Then, reeds are forced up their nostrils and their tongues are stabbed until their blood has been sufficiently purified. There was a video documentary filmed in the s or 80s on this initiation rite of passage, showing many of the canes or vines being removed from the young men's throats covered in blood.

It was reported that several of the initiates die each year from the perforations. TopsMagazine article June Matausa cane swallowing. Swordswallowers are mentioned in AD during the Teutonic Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel for Rome. The art practice of sword swallowing traveled north from India into China around AD.

T'ang Dynasty Illustration mid 8th century Chinese Ling Troupe Chinese Sword swallower Chinese Sword swallower Shanghai s Chinese Sword swallower Shanghai s Sword swallower in Shanghai Chinese Sword swallower Sword swallowing was popular in Japan in the 8th century and was often seen as part of an acrobatic form of entertainment known as Sangakuwhich also featured juggling, tightrope walking, contortion, and other related skills. This type of performance art was "street theater" and the performers traveled throughout Japan.

Sangaku, like other forms of drama popular in Japan prior to the 11th century, traced its origins to southern China and India.

Japanese engraving Japanese Sword Swallower. Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Dervish Orders of the Sufis reflect the meeting of Islam and Hindu thought in the 8th century.

Dervish is Persian for "beggar. Some are religious entertainers hired to chant the Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel dirge, and some only perform Dervish ceremonies on special occasions. Dervishes are known for working themselves into frenzies and committing great feats of strength this is where we get the term "Whirling Dervishes".

One of the Dervish orders founded in was the order of Rifais who eat glass, walk on hot coals, and swallow swords. Ancient sword swallower from Hittite Period in Anatolia. Sword swallowing spread north from Greece and Rome into Europe at the hands of medieval jongleurs and other street performers who performed in this web page areas.

In the Middle Ages, sword swallowers, like magicians, jugglers and other entertainers, were often condemed and persecuted by the Catholic Church.

Still, in most places they were popular by the common folk, and the tradition of the wandering entertainer remained strong. By the midth century, performers wandered more freely and became common sights on street corners and at festivals across Europe. Sword swallowing began to Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel out in Europe and Scandinavia in the late s, when variety shows were formally outlawed in Sweden in Sword Swallower on display Croix, Virgin Islands ca Studied sword swallower MD at Univ of Edinburgh Died St.

Croix, Sept 26 It was through the good offices of a sword-swallower that the Scotch physician, Dr. Edward Stevenswas enabled to make his experiments on digestion in As part of his research, Dr. Stevens had a sword swallower swallow small metallic tubes pierced with holes. They were filled, according to Reaumer's method, with pieces of meat. After a certain length of time, he would have the sword swallower disgorge the tubes, and in this way he observed to what degree the process of digestion had taken place.

It was Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel probably the sword-swallower who showed the physicians to what extent the pharynx could be habituated to contract, and from this resulted the invention of the tube of Faucherthe esophageal sound, lavage of the stomach, and illumination of this organ by electric Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel. Nothing is known of his mother.

In his youth, Stevens moved with his Online-Casino-Geld top bestes to New York. It removed the confusion and contradictions presented in the doctrines of fermentation and trituration, the latter championed by Leeuwenhoek, Borelli, Pitcairn, and Pecquet, and decried by Astruc and Stephen Hales.

It also repudiated such views as those of John Pringle and David Macbride. Stevens confirmed this, isolated human gastric juice, and performed experiments both in vitro and in vivo in man and animals.

Stevens was admitted to the Royal Medical Society Edinburgh on 20 Januaryand served as its president in and In Stevens read a paper to the Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh entitled 'What Is the Cause of the Increase of Weight Which Metals Acquire During Their Calcination.

At Edinburgh he was awarded the Harveian prize for an experimental inquiry on the red color of the blood. He returned to St. Croix about and practiced medicine Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel for ten years. In Stevens moved to Philadelphia. Of these studies, that of John R. Stevens was United States consul-general in Santo Domingo from to His consular dispatches to Timothy Pickering, Adams, Jefferson, and other leaders, revealing a critical, observant mind, outlined the geopolitical Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel facing the United States in the Caribbean at that time.

Controversy marred his political life, however, and he returned to the United States in He made appearances at the American Philosophical Society meetings in andRuby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel returning to St. David Hosack wrote to him in Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel. Croix on yellow fever inand in he wrote Hosack a letter introducing his son, who had also graduated at Edinburgh.

Sena Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Senaa Samma First Sword Swallower in America. John's Hall Pepin's Circus Pepin and and Breschard's Circus New York, NY USA.

Sena Sama also spelled Senaa Samma from Madras. Tamil Nadu, India was reported to be the first known sword swallower in America. An article explains, " Senaa Sammaan Indian juggler from Madras and London put on the first sword swallowing act in America in New York in November ".

An article dated November 11, reports, "Senaa Samma appeared at St. John's Hall in New York City in a lovely exhibition of juggling and sword swallowing.

The newspaper account said that he swallowed "a sword manufactured by Mr. William Pye of New York as a substitute Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel the one lately stolen from him by some villain.

Sama is mentioned in both " Annals of the American Circus, Vol. Presenting Human Oddities for Amusement and Profit " by Robert Bogdan. InSena Sama and Hamed Ben-Alla published a 71 page booklet on magic entitled " The Whole Art of Legerdemain or Hocus Pocus " published by N. Inthe book " Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society " mentions that sword swallower Sena Sama came to New York and swallowed a sword that measured 22 inches long.

Could this have been Ramo Samee or one of his troupe from Madras and London? Seeking pictures and more information. Ramo Sami Ramo Same Ramo Samee Ramo Samme Ramosamee Http:// Chief of the Indian Jugglers. Born Performed Died August 21, Buried Sept 1, Pall Mall Street Salem MA USA Olympic Theatre Royalty Theatre Royal Coburg Theatre Vauxhall Gardens Royal Victoria Theatre Adelphi Theatre New Strand Subscription Theatre New England Museum Boston Theatre Royal Garrick Theatre Robert Merry's Museum London England UK.

Ramo Samee probably " Ramaswamy " was a 19th century East Indian juggler and magician who starred with his own juggling troupe.

In fact, he is considered to be the first "modern" professional juggler, and was Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel far the most famous juggler of his time. Samee was born around in East India, possibly in Madras in Tamil Nadu, and was brought to England in at around the age of A certain Captain Campbellreturning to England from the Indian colony inbrought a troupe of Indian magicians and performers with him and installed them in Pall Mall Street London, where they demonstrated native juggling, acrobatics, yogic postures, conjuring, and sleight of hand for an audience that was lizenzierte Online-Casino-Ukraine about the quaint customs and strange manners of India.

Is it then a trifling power we see at work, or is it something next to miraculous? The inspiration for one of the Western world's fundamental puzzlers, the Needle Swallowing Trickcan probably be traced back to the genius of Ramo Samee. Samee was known for performing a trick he called "Stringing Beads With the Mouth", in which he "swallowed" a handful of beads and a string, then pulled the beads out of his mouth, one by one, tied to the Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel. Samee 's troupe included Kia Khan Khruseanother Indian juggler-magician who first introduced the " Needle Swallowing Trick " to European audiences in Obviously, this was a more dangerous version of Samee 's Online-Casino-joycasino swallowing trick.

Samee first presented the Indian needle trick to Western audiences in the 's, where he would swallow a hundred needles.

Samee performed in England from toCasino Kobold online ansehen successful tours of the eastern United States inand again in An advertisement in the Salem Gazette of October 5,describes the "East Indian" magician and juggler Ramo Samee as having performed "for some time past in the metropolis of England, and before all the crowned heads of Europe, who have unanimously pronounced him to be the first master of the art in their dominions.

According to articles in The Times of London dated January 12th, 18th, and 29th,Ramo Samee "Chief of the Indian Jugglers" was booked at the Olympic Theatre. According to The Times of London dated January 3,Ramo Samee was booked at the Royalty Theatre in London. Samee also performed on January 15, at the Royal Coburg Theatre.

InFrederick Gye employed sword swallower Ramo Samee as the "chief attraction" at the Royal Gardens Vauxhall Theatre in Kensington, one of the leading venues for public entertainment in London from the midth century to the midth century. Samee also performed at a benefit on February 28, at the Adelphi Theatrein at tust Ich kann kein Geld von Spin Palace casinoa zurückziehen Aufbau Royal Victoria Theatre in Borough, and in August at the Theatre Royal.

In the 's Samee created a sensation at the Garrick Theatre in London by performing his feat of swallowing beads and horse hair separately and then regurgitating the former threaded upon the latter.

According to an article published in Robert Merry's Museum on January 1, Before the arrival in Europe of these jugglers, whose speculation, it is said, was most profitable, attempts had been made, but unsuccessfully, to induce other professors of the art to go to England for the purpose of exhibition. According to London press clippingsRamo Samee died a pauper Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel the age of 59 on August 21, According to an obituary in the The Gentlemen's MagazineVolume City-road, in extreme poverty, Ramo Sameea celebrated Indian juggler.

His health had received a severe shock at the check this out of his only son, who, in attempting to swallow a sword, did himself such injury that he died shortly afterwards. His body was interred in old St. Your early insertion of the widow's appeal, under the above head, in last week's paper, reflects the highest credit on you, and in remembrance of the plesure I experienced in the early days at his performance, I beg to hand you 10s from ten friends, collected in the neighbourhood of High Holborn, towards alleviating the sufferings of the poor widow and family Poor Ramo is to be buried today, Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel his funeral expenses have to be defrayed by instalments.

The trifle obtained has been handed to Mrs. PancrasMiddlesex, London, England. Ramo Samee Timeline Born in East India Arrives in London, performs at Pall Mall Street Tour of US as Sena Samma in New York? Salem MA, USA Jan 12, 18, 29, Feb 8: Olympic Theatre London Royalty Theatre London Royal Coburg Theatre London Royal Gardens Vauxhall Theatre London Last appearance at Vauxhall Gardens London Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Theatre London New Strand Subscription Theatre London New England Museum Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel, MA USA Royal Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Theatre with Looking Glass London Royal Victoria Theatre London Royal Beulah Spa Norwood s: Garrick Theatre London Theatre Royal London Robert Merry's Museum London Son died of sword swallowing injury Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel at Sidney St andCity Road, London, England Pancras in London Ramo Samee Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Theatre Ramo Samee Vauxhall Gardens Article on Ramo Samee Ramo Samee bio Ramo Samee New England Museum Boston Coberg Theatre with Looking Glass Victoria Theatre London Ramo Samee Article Ramo Samee Obituary Ramo Samee Obituary According to broadside scrapbooks kept by William Hay in England, one broadside announces the arrival of 'Saib Khan Ing' in Preston in to 'exhibit his astonishing performances' at juggling, sword swallowing, and, 'chang[ing] himself from an Indian juggler to a British Minister of State' Hay Richmond Hill Theatre New York USA.

Sword swallower and fire eater Signor Tomaso performed at Richmond Hill Theatre New York on Tuesday, February 5,Seeking pictures and more information. Signor Tomaso Richmond Hill Theatre Barnum founded the American Dime Museum in Boston, which included oddities and freaks of nature, including working acts such as sword swallowers.

The "American Museum" burned down inat which time Barnum retired from show business. According to an article in the Philadeplphia "Pennsylvanian" newspaper dated November 27, They will leap over elephants, and even five camels side by side; their bodies are so pliant that they Top 5 Online-Casinos twine themselves like snakes up and down between the steps of a ladder; they walk over sharp swords; raise heavy burdens with their eyelids; and like Ramo Samee of old, are said to be able to float in the air without any visible support.

Even the children exercise themselves in swallowing small sticks of bamboo, in order that they may eventually do the like with swords and daggers. Miss Martha Mitchell Champion Lady Sword Swallower Martha Mitchell Mrs. Born June 12, Married Performed mid s? Martha Mitchell was a female sword swallower in Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel in the mid s, known as Miss Martha Mitchell, England's Champion Lady Sword Swallower.

Mitchell was Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel in her father's traveling van in Coventry on June 12, At the age of 16, aroundshe married showman Henry James Wallis who was a fairground proprietor and showman of the old school. Wallis was born in Liverpool on May 11, At first Wallis worked as a photographer on the fairgrounds, but he later became a riding master of some note, and was also the founder of Seaforth Fair and one of the founders of the Van Dweller's Associationwhich later became the Showmen's Guild of Great Britain.

Martha Mitchell 's brother was Charlie Mitchellthe famous bare boxer who fought J.

Sullivan and Gentleman Jim Corbett. Martha Mitchell died by the age of click the following article, circa Martha Mitchell Birth Certificate. Sword swallower Lawson Peck was known to have performed at the Peoria Museum in According to the announcement in the Peoria Transcriptdated Oct. Lawson Peck from New York, the greatest sword swallower living, to give two performances Friday and Saturday nights at the museum.

The sword, 23 inches long, may be inspected by the audience. He will also bare his neck and swallow the sword up to the hilt, a feat never attempted by a living man before. No additional charge to the museum. Jack Naylor collected a number of interesting photographs, including this rare photo of a sword swallower from the Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel. Could this have been sword swallower Lawson Peck?

Unknown Sword Swallower from s. Forestell Signor Forestell Signor Forestelle Signor Forrestelle Professor Forestell Sydney Foerestell Sydney Forestell. Performed FebPerformed Jan 10, Performed April 11, Performed Aug-Oct, Sword swallower, knife-swallower and fire eater Signor Forestelle or simply Forestel was featured at Vannuchi's Museum St, Charles street, New Orleans, LA on February 14, and February According read more an article in the Pittsburgh Daily Post dated January 10, It seems that a traveling company of players gave a just click for source there some time ago, and shortly after all the goods and chattels were seized on a writ against one Poguee for failure to pay his board All this was interesting of course, but the agony was reached when " Signor Forrestelle " the great sword-swallower was put upon the stand.

Signor carried his sword with him and the lawyers wanted to see him swallow it, and so asked if he had any objections to showing his performance. He had none, and down went twenty-seven inches of steel, to the gratification of the lawyers. Signor handed his sword to the admiring legal gentlemen, asking them to examine and see that there was no fraud. He had a very business-like air, and when asked what other branches his business took in, he remarked that it was his habit to eat marbles.

Everybody wanted to see him eat marbles, and down went four good-sized "allies. Signor 's performance was "immense," and had a jury witnessed this novel exposition of a legal point, his fortune would have been made. And Signor Forestellthe sword swallower, who performed outside of a museum in the old St.

Ignatius building on Market Street where the Emporium now stands. This individual actually slid canes, bayonets and swords down his throat to the amazement of the gathered throng. But this class of fakir was only doing his bit as an entertainer, and harmed no one but himself, while the real simon pure medical fakir was the individual who did untold injury to all those who sought relief from him.

According to the San Bernardino CA Daily Courier dated September 24," King's Novelty Shownow holding forth in a large tent on the court house oberhalb Online-Casino-Spielautomaten-Slots gegen There is a sword-swallower, P rof.

Forestellwhose feats are marvelous. He actually swallows solid steel swords and bayonets, also ordinary walking canes with equal facility. Signor Forestelle performed for over 31 years. Signor Forestelle Timeline Vannuchi's Museum New Orleans San Francisco Museum John Robinson's Circus at Lincoln Park King's Novelty ShowSan Bernardino, CA According Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel the "London Labour and the London Poor"Sallementro learned sword Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel snake swallowing at the age of 17 or 18 from his friend Clarke who was also a sword and snake swallower: It was a mate of mine that I was with that first put me up to sword and Online verdienen auf Fortune swallowing.

I copied off him, and it took me about three months to learn it. I began with a sword first - of course not a sharp sword, but a blunt-pointed - and I didn't exactly know how to do it, for there's a trick to it. At Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel it turned me, putting it down my throat past my swallow, right down, about 18 inches.

It made my swallow sore, very sore, and I used lemon and sugar to cure it. It was tight at Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel, and I kept pushing it down further and further. There's one thing - you mustn't cough, and until you're used to it, you want to very bad, and then you must pull it up again. My sword was about three-quarters of an inch wide. At first Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel didn't know the trick of doing it, but I found it out this way.

Just click for source see, the trick is you must oil the sword - the best sweet oil, worth 14 pence a pint - and you put it on with a sponge. Then, you understand, if the sword scratches the swallow, it Club Jackpot Stadt den Spiegel zu spielen make it sore, 'cos the oil heals it up again.

When first I put the sword down, before I oiled it, it used to come up quite slimy, but after the oil it slips down quite easy, and is as clean when it comes up as before it went down. The knives are easier to do than the sword because they are shorter. We puts them right down till the handle rests on the mouth. The sword is about 18 inches long, and the knives about 8 inches in the blade.

People Ende Casino Bonus ohne Einzahlung von 888 200 Rubel genügt away with the idea that you slip the blades down your breast, but I always hold mine right up with the neck bare, and they see it go into the mouth 'atween the teeth.

They also fancy it hurts you, but it don't, or what a fool I should be to do it. I don't mean to say it don't hurt you at first, Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel it do, for my swallow was very bad, and I couldn't eat anything but liquids for two months whilst I was learning. I cured my swallow whilst I was stretching it with lemon and sugar.

I was the second one that ever swallowed a snake. I was about 17 or 18 years old when I learnt it. The first was Clarke as did it. He done very well with it, but he wasn't Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel no more than two years before me, so he wasn't known much.

In the country there is some places where, when you do it, they swear you are the devil, and won't have it nohow. The snakes I use are about 18 inches long, and you must first cut the stingers out, 'cos it might hurt you. I always keep two or three by me for my performances.

I keep them warm, and I give them nothing to eat but worms and gentles. I generally keep them in flannel or hay in a box. I've three at home now. When first I began swallowing snakes, they tasted queer like.

They draw'd the roof of the mouth a bit. It's a roughish taste. The scales rough you ob das aus dem Casino Jackpot Stadt bit when Roulette gewinnen zu Geld beim wie um draw them up.

You see, a snake will go into ever such a little hole, and they are smooth one way. The head of the snake goes about an inch Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel a half down the throat, and the rest of it continues in the mouth, curled 'round like. I hold him by the tail, and when I pinch it, he goes right in. You must cut the stinger out or he'll injure you. The tail is slipppery, but you nip it with the nails like pinchers.

If you was to let go, he'd go right down, but Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel snakes will stop at two inches down the swallow, and then Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel bind like a ball in the mouth.

I generally get my snakes by giving little boys ha'pence to go and catch 'em in the woods. I get them when I'm pitching in the country. I'll get as many as I can get, and bring 'em up to London for my Mobile Online-Casino-Spiele. When first caught, the snake is slimy, and I have to clean him by scraping him with a cloth, and then with another, until he's nice and clean.

I have put 'em down slimy, on purpose to taste what it was like. It had a nasty taste, very nasty. When I exhibit, I first Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel the snake up in the air and pinches the tail, to make it curl about and twist 'round my arm, to show that he is alive.

Then I holds it above my mouth, and as soon as he sees the hole, in he goes. He goes wavy-like, as a ship goes, that's the comparison. I always hold my breath whilst his head is in my swallow. When he moves in the swallow, it tickles a little, but it don't make you want to retch. In my opinion, he is more glad to come up than to go down, for it seems to be too hot for him. I keep him down about two minutes.

If I breathe or cough, he draws out and curls back again. I think there's Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel in some of them big snakes, for they seem to know which is the master.

I was at Wombwell's Menagerie of Wild Beasts for 3 months, and I had the care of a big snake, as thick 'round as my arm. I wouldn't attempt to put that one down my throat, for I think I might easier have done down his'n. It was a f'urren snake, all over spots, called a boa-constrictor. Performed Died Donnell was sword swallower with a side show in the Pittsburgh area in and was sought by his mother, Eliza Donnell.

He died in and was buried in the Homewood Cemetery in Allegheny County Pittsburgh PA. Mother seeks James S Donnell. Benedetti Benny-Dizzy Carlo Benedetti Signor Benedetti Signor Carlo Benedetti The Great Sword-Swallower. Born Performed Died July learn more here, Schumann Company Paterson, Morris Plains, NJ USA.

Carlo Und Casino Geld ohne Kaution die was born in Norrköping Sweden of Italian immigrant parents inand in at the age of 13, he joined a circus as a horseback rider.

He became so skilled as a rider that he toured Europe with the circus. Benedetti began learning sword swallowing at the age of 14 inand eventually became proficient at it by the age of 20 in After moving to the US, he performed with the Schumann Company in the eastern United States and Cuba as "Signor Benedetti". According to an article dated May 30, in the Daily Phoenix: Maury introduced to the faculty and students Signor Carlo Benedettia professional sword swallower, on whom he proposed to make a surgical examination.

Benedetti first swallowed a sword blade twenty-three inches in length, and bending over, completely bent the steel. Next he placed a sabre, measuring twenty-nine inches in length down his throat to the hilt.

The medical examiners discovered that the blade of the weapon stretches the oesophagus and distends the lower wall of the stomach. Benedetti then swallowed six thin, light swords at once, then extricated them with such ease as to excite the wonder of all the beholders. He next took an ordinary musket, weighing eleven pounds, with a common bayonet afixed. This bayonet he thrust into his throat by raising the musket butt into the air. When it was in he bowed all around to the company.

He then drew the weapon out gracefully and easily, and explained that the point of leverage fell upon his lower jaw and teeth, which are very strong. The Captain General was present, and the novelty of the evening was the feat of the sword swallower, Benedettiwho attempted to cram an umbrella down his throat.

He swallowed His Excellency the Captain General's sword, a cane, and other articles, but could not stomach the umbrella. A caricature cartoon of "Benny Dizzy, the Great Sword-Swallower" in the March 16, issue of the London Punch magazine also mentions " Mr. Benedetti 's marvellous performance at the Royal Aquarium ". On July 3,Benedetti also performed at the Crystal Palace in London, according to an ad in the London Times dated July 3, On August 12Benedetti was featured at The Canterbury in Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel. From October 30 to November 11,Carlo Benedetti was booked at Bunnell's Brooklyn Museum as the Swedish Phenomenon and the Man Ostrich.

InBenedetti was described swallowing a cane in the September 30, Atlanta Constitution. Inthe editor of a London magazine described Signor Benedetti who had just performed at the Westminster Royal Aquarium Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Canterbury Hall at the age of According to the description, Benedetti stood 5 ft 8 inches, and swallowed a blade that was On November 7,Benedetti was committed to the State Asylum for Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Insane at Morris Plains NJ.

According to an article in the Trenton Evening Times dated November 7," Carlo Benedettiof Paterson, will be removed this morning to the State Asylum for the Insane at Morris Plains. About one year ago Benedetti began to give evidence that his mind was affected. He imagined he was a millionaire and threw his money away. Fifteen years ago he was famous all over the world as a sword swallower. Signor Carlos Benedetti Timeline Born in Norrköping Sweden Joined circus as rider Began learning sword click to see more at 14 Began performing as sword swallower at 20 Jefferson Medical College Philadelphia PA Tacon Theatre Havana Cuba Royal Aquarium Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel London Jan 9, 18, July 3, Aug 5: Crystal Palace London Bunnell's Brooklyn Museum Brooklyn NY Koster and Bial's Concert Hall New Orleans New York NY Westminster Royal Aquarium and Canterbury Hall London Began losing mental facilities Committed to mental asylum, Morris Plains NJ The Great Circus Manly Beach Australia San Francisco, California USA.

Senor Franco the "sword swallower and stone eater" performed at Manly Beach, Australia on April 4, Four years later he was performing in San Francisco California on March 12, He swallowed a 23 inch long sword. Senor Franco, Manly Australia Senor Franco, San Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel CA Born May 15, Performed Died January 3, James Erwin was born in Dublin, Ireland on May 15,but came to America as an infant.

He entered the circus business as a sword swallower for a few years around at about the age of He then became an operator and manager of his own sideshow. During the Civil War, he was twice sentenced to be shot for dissertion; the first time, as a mere boy, he was pardoned by President Lincoln ; the second time, succeeded in escaping. In later years, he was considered one of the best shots in Indiana.

Erwin was married once, but the union was not a happy one. He died of Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel in Indianapolis, IN on January 3, at the age of Born Http://, Injured October 19, Died October 26, William George Drummond Stewart was born in Grandtully, Perthshire, Scotland in February Stewart was a Scottish recipient of Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Victoria Crossthe highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.

Stewart was 26 years old, and a Captain in the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders when he was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions at Lucknow. On October 19,while at Hythe, Hampshire, Stewart was giving a demonstration of sword swallowing. His demonstration went fatally wrong and he died from internal injuries a week later, on October 26, at the age of Stewart is buried in a vault at St. Mary's ChurchGrandtully, Scotland. Julius Müller Developer of Rigid Endoscope.

Born 1st Esophagoscopy and Develpment of Rigid Endoscope Using Read article Swallower Died Wolfshöhle Brauerie Gasthof Freiburg Germany.

The first known mention of sword swallowing in medical literature is of a previously unidentified professional sword swallower, known simply as "Der eiserne Heinrich""The Iron Henry"who while visiting the Wolfshöhle Gasthof und Brauerie in Freiburg, Germany ingave a demonstration of sword swallowing which was witnessed by a local Freiburg doctor. Keller was fascinated by the feat and persuaded the sword swallower to visit his clinic and have his throat examined with a laryngeal mirror.

Julius Müllerexamined the sword swallower and suggested to his professor that the sword swallower would make a suitable subject for esophagoscopy. Adolf Kussmaul carefully observed the sword swallower, being especially interested in the way he positioned his head for click the following article passage of the long straight sword, and decided to examine him himself.

For this purpose, Dr. Kussmaul had a local musical instrument maker named Fischer fashion tubes 47 cm long and 13 mm in diameter, one being round and the other elliptical in design, the tubes fitted with conical wooden mandarins to facilitate insertion. Using the straight tube, mirrors and a gasoline lamp, Kussmaul inspected the esophagus and the fundus of the stomach, thereby performing the first successful esophagoscopy esophagogastrostomy on a sword swallower in The sword swallower tolerated the long tubes well, but the Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel was disappointing because the light was too weak to illuminate the field so far from its source.

Also, despite washing out the stomach, fluid constantly collected around the tube and hindered the view. After considerable experimentation, Kussmaul and Müller managed to improve the light of their endoscope, and subsequently examined a number of patients. However Kussmaul was so pleased with his success that he took the sword swallower with him to perform demonstrations in various clinics, and later enlisted other sword swallowers due to their ability to voluntarily relax the cricopharyngeal muscle and form a straight line from the pharynx to the stomach, allowing passage of the rigid endoscope.

Kussmail was Professor of Medicine at HeidelbergErlangenFreiburg and Strassburg Today Kussmaul is recognized as the developer of the first rigid endoscope.

Kussmaul died in Heidelberg, and his grave is located in Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel cemetary in Heidelberg, Germany. Adolph Kussmaul Dr. Adolf Kussmaul later Dr. Adolf Kussmaul Heidelburg Dr. Adolf Kussmaul grave Heidelberg. According to an article in "The Youth's Companion" dated October 29, A famous French physician lately experimented upon a Chinese conjuror, who swallowed a sword nearly three feet long, and permitted an examination of his body while the blade was in its living sheath.

Fourle such was the anatomists's name was thoroughly satisfied with the honesty of the operation. They traced the point along its downward course, and felt it thirty inches from the swallower's mouth. So we may set down sword and poker swallowing as genuine feats of gymnastics. Article Oct 29, The first known photograph of an Indian Sword Swallower was displayed in England at the South Kensington Exhibition of in an album of photographs entitled "Trades and Occupations of India" in response to English curiousity about the British Empire in India.

Indian Sword Swallower Indian Sword Swallower Ling Look David Güter David Guter David Guder David Geder David Gether Ferdinand Guder. Olympic Theatre New York USA Hong Kong. David Güter performed as a sword swallower in the s under the stage name "Ling Look". According to an article in the New York Herald dated July 15,and another article in the New York Times dated July 16,a novel performance was offered at the Olympic Theatre on July 15, by Ling Look"who disposes mysteriously but satisfactorily of a blade ninety centimetres in length.

In a showman named Heinrich Kellar or Harry Kellar click the following article together a show troupe that included Link Look. Kellar began years earlier as assistant to the Fakir of Avaand then worked later with John Henry Anderson Jr.

During this time, Kellar learned some secrets of the business, annd began his solo work until the opportunity came to join the spectacle of the Davenports Brothers in InKellar24, along with William Marion Fayboth junior pseudo-spiritualists, left the show and became independent performers, making a tour throughout America and Europe. Kellar and Fay eventually put together a show employing sword swallower and fire-eater Ling Look and his brother, contortionist and escape artist Yamadeva.

According to the November 2. In actuality, Ling Look 's real name was David GüterDavid GuterDavid GuderDavid Gederor David Getheralthough he also went by Ferdinand Guder. His brother Louis performed under the stage name Yamadeva or Ya Ma Di Va. Ling Look and Yamadeva posed as Chinese and Japanese performers, but in Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel, according to various sources, were Hungarian from Budapest or Austrian from Vienna. Ling Look performed as a fire-eater and sword swallower, and went by the title "King of Fire".

With his head half-shaved, and the remaining hair in a long braid, he almost looked Chinese. Some of his feats included swallowing hot coals and red hot swords, then blowing fire from his mouth.

One of his most spectacular and shocking numbers was swallowing a sword or bayonette halfway down his throat, which was attached to a rifle, which, when fired, propelled the sword down his throat. Meanwhile, Yamadeva was an accomplished contortionist who performed incredible escapes.

He was also known as the Snake Mandue to his serpentine or feline movements. According to local press, "The Chinese" performed in Rosario Argentina on August 19th and 20thwith the program consisting of the following: The infernal dinner fire eating 2. The poor of India escape 3. Yamadeva the snake contortion 4. The fete des Chinoises After meeting the brothers Ling Look and Yamadeva and the magician CunardKellar formed the performing troup The Royal Illusionists in May Their show consisted of a spiritualist cabin with Kellar and Cunard performing cage disappearance and escapes from ropes and handcuffs, and contortion by Yamadevaand for the finale, the fire and sword acts by Ling Look.

The group put together a Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel that began in the USA, moved on to Australia, New Zealand, Java and Shanghai, China. In early October in Shanghai, Yamadeva suffered heart pains while playing a pin bowling game. Four days later, he died while onboard a ship bound for Hong Kong.

Six months later, his brother Ling Look the fire-eater and Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel swallower died on 14 Apriljust six months after the death of his brother. Both brothers were buried in adjacent graves at the cemetery in Hong Kong. Inan ad in the December 20 Belfast Morning News advertized Ling Look performing at the AlhambraTheatre of Varieties iin Belfast Ireland. Ina commentary in the newspaper La Capital de Rosariodated August 9,gave news of an artist with an exotic name who was performing in town.

It was Ling Lookwho it was claimed, had worked as director of a great illusionist and acrobatic troupe, in their inimitable work with the infernal dinner, and swallowing swords. The same name and the Casino Online Bonus Beste routines, the one who so successfully passed through Rosario with his brother Yamadeva in ?

But this was not possible, unless the advertised Look Ling had risen, or was a phony. Ina fakir, who claimed to be the original Ling Lookwith the same Chinese look, the same routine and hair and costume style appears in England. This performer claimed that the news of his death in was not true, and that he was still alive. The litmus test was when this Ling Look clashed with Kellarwho had buried the original Ling Look in At that time, the imposter broke, confessing that he was a younger brother of one member of the Royal Illusionists.

Kellar would later confess to Harry Houdinithat the resemblance between the two was such that if he had not been present when Ling Look died in Hong Kong inhe would almost be unable to refute or verify that this was another person in This story was referenced by Harry Houdin in his book Miracle Mongers and Their Methodswritten in Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Seeking photos and more information on Ling Look.

Ling Look and Yamadeva Timeline Olympic Theatre New YorkHarry Kellar puts together show troupe Olympic Theatre New York Harry Kellar books tour to Rosario Argentina The Royal Illusionists troupe formed Toured Australia, New Zealand, Java and Shanghai, China Yamadeva Louis Guter dies in Shanghai Ling Look David Guter dies in Hong Kong Ling Look imposter appears in UK Ling Look imposter in Belfast Ireland La Capital de Rosario reports Ling Look Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel in Argentina August Zorner was a professional juggler and sword swallower in New York City in He and Charles Zorner were arrested as witnesses to a murder on New Years night Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Signor Wandana Signor Wandanna Signor Wandonna Signor Wandanus Signor Waudanus Signor Waudanna Signor Wandanone Signor Wanhanna "The Wonderful Sabre, Bayonet, and Sword-Swallower".

Performed s Died May 9, Indianapolis, IN Gibb's Zoological Exhibition Calais, ME USA. Signor Wandana Signor Wandonna or Signor Wandanone was known as "The Wonderful Sabre, Bayonet, and Sword-Swallower" in the s. Signor Wandana died on May 9, of internal injuries sustained after a sword swallowing feat went wrong. His obituary was published Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel the May 10, Philadelphia Times and the May 11, Chicago Tribune entitled "Death of a Sword Swallower": Inflamation resulted and he died last evening.

Inflammation ensued and he died last Sunday evening. Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel, Ind, and is now part of the collection of sideshow historian and author Richard Flint of Baltimore MD.

Could Wandana be buried in the Calais Cemetery in Calais, Maine under a different name? Signor Wandana s Death of Signor Wandanone Death of Signor Wandonna Signor Wanhanna death Born Performed s Click to see more s Died August 20, Russian Circus of the Nikitin Brothers Nikitin Brothers's Russian Circus Circus Nikitin Moscow Russia Tbilisi Georgia.

In nineteenth-century Russia, circus was extremely popular among the aristocracy and the people alike, but the Russian circus was developed mostly by foreigners whose names -- Ciniselli, Truzzi, Salamonsky -- became synonymous with Russian circus. There was one notable exception, however: The Nikitin brothersDmitriAkimand Piotr Nikitinwho became the first true Russian circus entrepreneurs of note, and would remain so until the Bolshevik revolution.

The Nikitin brothers were born to Aleksandr and Alina Ivanovna Nikitinwho were serfs bound to one of the vast lands belonging to the Crown. Tsar Nicholas I began to ease the condition of the serfs of his Imperial estates inwhen he established the "quit-rent" system, which allowed them to leave the land to which they were attached in exchange for a rent paid to their landowner, the Tsar.

Aleksandr Nikitin immediately took advantage of this new, if limited, freedom and became an itinerant organ grinder. His first son Dmitriwho had learned to play the balalaika, followed him on the road. Akim and Piotr were born shortly thereafter, and almost as soon as they were able to walk and do a rollover, they joined forces with their father and elder brother, entertaining passersby from village squares to street corners.

In learn more here, the Nikitin brothers developed specific performing talents: Dmitri became a strongman; Akima front bender, a juggler, and an auguste playing the Russian folk character of Ivan the Foolalways popular among the provincial audiences ; and Piotra sword swallower, tumbler, and a foot-juggler. They also formed an acrobatic trio together, and created a puppet show.

The Nikitin brothers were versatile and hard working. When Tsar Alexander II finally freed the serfs by his ukase of February 19,they began to find work on the country's fairgrounds in the balagans fairground itinerant theaters.

Roulette-Leistungs-Verhältnis ks von time, they would create their own fairground show. However, the Nikitins were also ambitious; they intended to escape the stigma of their former serfdom, and move upward. But work on the fairgrounds, even in the best balagans, had no glory.

The circus was something Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel altogether: It was attended and enjoyed by the upper classes, and great circus artists received Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel and, sometimes, even riches. Although they were illiterate, the Nikitins were shrewd and had honed on the road a remarkable talent for scheming and survival. The purchase had come replete with tent, carriages, costumes, and horses, and on December 23,the Russian Circus of the Nikitin Brothers gave its first performance in the city of Penza.

It was, at long last, the first genuinely Russian circus operating in the Russian Empire. Money was coming in, and three years later, inthey were able to build their first permanent circus in Saratov, in southern Russia. Located in the center of the city, it was an elaborate wooden structure that stood until It was demolished, and a stone circus was built in its place in ; inRosGosTsirkthe central Soviet circus agency, replaced it with a brand new, state-of-the-art building, erected in a different part of the city.

While Dmitri and Akim increasingly took care of the business, Piotr developed into a remarkable bareback rider he is said to have achieved the somersault on horsebacka flying trapeze and horizontal bars gymnast, a gifted mime, and even a quick-change artist.

Then the Nikitins struck gold: On the occasion of the coronation of Tsar Alexandre III in Maythey were invited to erect a temporary hippodrome at Khodinskoye Pole, an old parade ground in Moscow. There, the Nikitins produced equestrian extravaganzas themed after old Russian legends, as well as chariot races and other traditional hippodrome fare.

Then, they hit the road again. Meanwhile, the brothers were trying to expand their circus empire. Inthey built their second permanent circus in Minsk.

It passed under city ownership the following year it was destroyed during WWII, a replaced later by another buildingbut others would come. Then, the wily brothers saw another golden opportunity in Moscow: The old Panorama today, the Mir Theatreadjacent to the circus Albert Salamonsky had built on Tsvetnoy Visit web page inwas available. Salamonsky was not amused and he finally bought out the Nikitins in for 30, rubles, a considerable sum for the time.

To protect himself from another unwanted neighbor, Salamonsky used the old Panorama for horse training and equestrian exhibitions. Tbilisi became their homebase, and from there, they created a touring circuit for which they used circuses of bricks or wood that they built over the years in several Russian cities. Piotr Nikitinthe great artist of the family, retired from the circus in the s. He died on August 20,having outlived his brothers.

When his flagship circus in Tbilisi burned down, Akim finally decided to build a permanent circus in Moscow, where he found a vacant lot on Triumfalnaya Plaza and Bolshoya Sadovaya Street. Dmitri, Piotr, Akim Nikitin c. Continue reading Merge Patienten Online-Casino bewertet Geld abheben Varikose Ringling Bros Barnum's Grand Traveling Museum, Menagerie, Caravan, and Circus"a travelling combination of circus, menagerie and museum of "freaks".

Coup's Circus travels on a special circus train, and by was billing itself as " The Greatest Show on Earth". It went through a number of variants on these names: Barnum's Traveling World's Fair, Great Roman Hippodrome and Greatest Show On Earth"and after an merger with James Bailey and James Hutchinson"P. Barnum died on April 7, Delno Fritz was the sword swallower with Barnum and Bailey Circus from to In May, the Barnum and Bailey Circus played Nottingham, England and travelled between cities on 4 huge trains, each with 17 carriages.

Delno Fritz was the featured sword swallower in InMlle Amy was the sword swallower with Barnum and Bailey Circus in Germany. InEdith Clifford joined Barnum and Bailey in Vienna, and performed with Barnum and Bailey Circus through On April 11,owner James Bailey died. InMarie DeVere was the new female sword swallower with Barnum and Bailey Circus. Fritz Lecardo performed with Ringling Brothers on a European tour, and was possibly along with Edward Smith part-time sword swallowers with Barnum and Bailey Circus possibly during the years to Barnum and Bailey Circus Timeline, Routes, and Sword Swallowers: Sword Swallower Delno Fritz in US Winter shows at Olympia in London England Final show at Olympia in London before Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Great Britain Sword Swallower Delno Fritz in England Sword Swallower Mlle Amy in Germany Sword Swallower Mlle Edith Clifford joins in Vienna, tours Europe Sword Swallower Mlle Edith Clifford and Rob Roy in Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Swallower Mlle Edith Clifford and "Veno" Nelson C.

Sword Swallower Mlle Edith Clifford James Bailey dies April 11, Sword Swallower Marie DeVere Sword Swallower Edward Smith? Sword Swallower Slivers Bowden joins in Omaha Sword Swallower Mlle Edith Clifford in Atlanta GA Demetrius Longo Russian Fakir and Sword Swallower.

Born Performed s Died after ? Russian Circus Nizhegorodsk District, Moscow Russia. According Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel a Brownsville Herald article Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel January 25, It did him no harm. Longo will turn next week. The Soviet magazine Yunost Youth said Longoa "famous fakir and dervish," is Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel memoirs of his long career as a sideshow artist in Russian circuses.

The magazine publishes excerpts from the memoirs in connection with Longo Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel th birthday. In his heyday, the magazine said, Longo "walked barefoot on burning coals and on points of Persian spears or Turkish sabres. He lay down on beds of nails, drank molten tin and conjured spirits. He also offered a reason for his long life. You will bis Codes für GTA Casino Royale-Leistungs-Verhältnis der but once so it is not worth worrying about it.

Later he said, he teamed up with a 9-foot giant, and a inch lady. This was Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel the s, he said, and it was about then that he acquired a French-speaking parrot named Ara. He once had a family of acrobatic cockroaches that performed tricks in a miniature playground. Russian SwSw Demetrius Longo turns Lady Marguerite Lady Margurite Lady Margaret Mlle.

Marguerite Davis Marguerite Davis Margaret Davis Margaret Fiedler Marguerite Davis Fiedler Mrs. Born Performed Married Died Nov 19, Mighty Haag Show Howe's Great London Show John Robinson Circus Side Show Davenport, IA USA.

Lady Margurite was a female circus sword swallower who performed in the early s to This photo was taken of her in Davenport, Iowa. According to the October 17, Billboard: Margaret Davis is doing the sword swallowing in the Haag Auxiliary.

Slivers Bowden Wirkstoff Spielautomaten mit sofortiger Auszahlung von Geld auf dem Spiel steht Tadalafil, side-showman is the power of this department. According to Billboard Volume 29 dated May 9, With John Robinson's Circus in Cincinnati Ohio, " Marguerite Davissword swallower and slights. Fiedler and Marguerite Davisboth members click the following article the John Robinson Circuswere married in Pensacola, Fla.

Fiedler has seen considerable service "Over There. Margaret Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubelwas featured as sword swallower John Robinson Circus Side Show of According to the Billboard dated September 18, Margaret and Jess Fiedler rejoined the show at Pueblo. They opened with the show in the spring, but were compelled to leave on account of Mrs. Jess is selling tickets for the big show, while Margaret is working in the kid show. Marguerite Davis died November 19,and is buried in Plot Section 7, Lot 33, Grave 2 in Overlook CemeteryParkman, Geauga County, OH.

Lady Marguerite Margaret Davis Fiedler Timeline: Fiedler born in Kansas Marguerite Davis born Mighty Haag Shows Auxiliary Howe's Great London Show John Robinson's Circus Side Show Married to Jesse R. Fiedler in Pensacola FL John Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Circus Side Show Marguerite in poor health Marguerite dies Nov 19,June 1: Fiedler dies Lady Margurite Lady Margurite different scan Lady Margurite.

Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Chevalier Cliquot "Watch Swallower" "The World's Greatest Sword Phenomenon" Fred Cliquot Fred McLand Fred McLone Francis McLone Frederick McLoan Frederick McLone.

First well-known North American sword Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel, Chevalier Cliquot was one of the most prominent sword-swallowers of his time and was known by the description "The World's Greatest Sword Phenomenon". In actuality, Cliquot was an American named Frederick McLoneFred McLand or Francis McLone who was born in Chicago, IL, although the story was perpetuated that he was a "French-Canadian" born in Quebec, Canada in who ran away from home in Quebec at an early age to join a travelling circus bound for South America.

On seeing an old man swallow a small machete in Buenos Aires, he allegedly took up learning sword swallowing around at about the age of 16 Photo reportedly continue reading Cliquot holding two swords taken Montevideo Uruguay on July 18, According to Census records, inFred and Edith Cliquot lived in Cardiff Wales in According to ship passenger records, on February 15, Fred and Edith Cliquot arrived by ship in Philadelphia, PA.

According to the Chicago Inter Ocean dated May 8,"At the Chicago Globe Dime Museum there will be seen during the week May 8th, Mme. Carverthe fat woman, and her midget son, Major Heard and son, diminuitive dwarfs; Cliquotthe sword swallower, and Clios Adamsthe armless man. Cliquot told Harry Houdini Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Delno Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel was his sword swallowing pupil in the early s. According to an ad dated May 23, in the Scranton RepublicanCliquot was booked at the Palace Museum Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Scranton PA the week of May 23, On Sept 18,Cliquot performed at the World's Museum Theater in Pittsburgh according to the Sept 18, Pittsburgh Dispatch.

According to a December 31, article in the Harrisburg Daily IndependentCliquot was booked at the Harry Davis Eden Musee in Harrisburg, PA the week of December, and was assisted by Mlle. It was about this same time that Delno Fritz also claimed he studied sword swallowing from Cliquot while Fritz was also working at the Harry Davis Eden Musee in Harrisburg. According to an article in the Dec 12, New York Evening WorldCliquot also performed at Huber's Museum in New York in Dec Delno Fritz perfomed at Huber's Museum a year later in December and On January 19,while swallowing 14 nine-inch swords at once in New York, Cliquot had the misfortune to have a skeptical audience, one of whom, a doctor who should have known better, rushed forward and impulsively pulled out the swords, inflicting injuries on Cliquot which incapacitated him for months.

According to a January 20, article in the Ottawa Journal"A French Canadian sword swallower named Cliquot was severely cut internally in a private exhibition at New York yesterday by a doctor who undertook to draw out fourteen swords that he had swallowed all at once, instead of singly. The sufferer is lying unconscious at an hospital.

When he seemed in pain with fourteen swords down his throat, Dr. Hope yanked them out in a bunch. McLone in bed under morphine's influence. McLone was under the influence of morphine administered by Dr. William Shannonwho believes his exhibition of sword swallowing at the Metropolitan Throat Hospital at West Thirty-fourth Street on Friday brought about slight inflammation of the stomach and oesophagus, and that there are slight lacerations of the throat.

McLone is a handsome little man, with a physique that is like that of Rowell, the walker. He was born in Quebec inand when a schoolboy became fascinated with a circus show and ran away from home to become an acrobat. A family of saltimbancos attached to a circus took an interest in Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel, and taught him to tumble and do feats of strength.

He had just become expert enough to be worth a salary when he saw Battin the sword swallower perform some of his feats, and detected him in trickery. McLone experimented with himself, first with a wire with a knob at the end, until he had overcome the muscular and nervous resistance of his throat.

Then he practiced with a sword until he was able to swallow a blade of about twenty inches up to its hilt. Constant practice made his throat callous to or familiar with intrusion, and Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel years ago, when the United States man-of-war Lancaster was at Algiers, and a minstrel show was given on board, he appeared as the "American Acrobat" and gave an exhibition of sword swallowing without using a "sheath" or any device to lessen the severity of the ordeal to which his throat was put.

His pseudonym was given him two years later in a Paris cafe, after a bottle of "The Widow's" had been splashed over him. He last appeared in public in Pittsburg three weeks ago and was to appear Online Casino Montreal to-morrow, but the date has been canceled. To kill time, he and his manager had gone to Boston, and his ability to swallow almost anything, except an insult, was demonstrated before Dr.

BowditchProfessor of Physiology at Harvard Collegeand others in B. Keith 's office in the Gaiety Theatre. Bowditchat the end Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel the exhibition asked: The staff at the Metropolitan Throat Hospital deny that McLone was invited to appear before them. They say that he was brought there by his manager. They are familiar with the feats that a throat accustomed to distension will endure, and say that, physically considered, what Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel did on Friday was startling, but not especially wonderful.

He first caused the 22 inch blade of a Chassepot sabre to disappear up to the hilt, and then swallowed four sword blades twenty inches long. The swords were made for the purpose, and the hilts were in the same plane as the blades, which fitted into each Maschine Online-Leistungs-Verhältnis like a nest of spoons.

Then, taking the sabre, Cliquot fastened at right angles to the hilt a hollow rod of iron, four feet long, and to each end of the rod attached a dumbbell maker "14 pounds. While the sabre was in his oesophagus McLone gave the bar a half twist, something he had never before attempted, according to Manager Howell. The Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel were asked if they wished to see a fowling piece attached to the bar and discharged while four inches of the sabre were out of Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel juggler's mouth, so that the sabre would force the blade down to the hilt, but they declined, and McLone prepared to do the next feat, that of swallowing fourteen swords, the blades of which were like those used in the second feat.

Howell admits that when the sabre with the bar and the dumbbells was drawn from its living sheath, McLone appeared to suffer and retched, and that he should have then desisted, or have been made to do so. The fourteen swords were swallowed like the bunch of four, and the ordeal was little more severe, except that the distention of the throat was greater. Before swallowing the swords, McLone said that if any one wanted to draw them, it should be done one by one and not in a bunch.

The swords were not half their length in McLone 's economy when he appeared to be suffering and turned pale. Howell had turned his back when they were beginning to disappear, and he heard one of the doctors say, "My God, this is going too far. Hope grasp the swords by the butts, and sharply withdraw them, instead of pulling them out quickly, one by one, as a click here player deals cards, and as McLone does on stage.

McLone gave a groan and leaned forward. He appeared to be in great agony, and could not speak for several moments. He then complained of severe pain in the stomach and throat. After a hypodermic injection of morphine had been given to him he was taken to his hotel in a cab. It was at first feared that either his throat had been lacerated or that there was a puncture of the stomach, and that an operation would be necessary, but there was no hemmorhage, and his condition had so far improved yesterday afternoon that he was able to drink some kumyss.

Manager Howell was convinced that the new trick of turning the sabre with the bar and dumbbells attached was too great a strain for organs that had been strained and stretched to fit them for abnormal read article. He expected, however that McLone would be able to go to Toronto to fill an engagement at the end of this week.

His wife, who aids him in his performances, was so satisfied with his Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel that she went out for a walk with a friend. The staff of the hospital say they were not responsible for McLone 's collapse. Before he gave his exhibition, his throat was examined, and while it was found to have become distended, it appeared to be healthy. McLone admitted that frequently after he had been idle for some time, he swallowed food with difficulty, Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel had several times been almost choked by food.

He also suffered from dyspepsia when not "in practice", but found relief when he swallowed a sword. He was advised not to attempt any feat that would tax his throat more than it had been, and to keep it exercised. William Shannonhis physician, says McLone may sit up in bed today.

According to the March 9, article in the Chicago InterOceanCliquot did a demonstration for the senior class anatomy students at Rush Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel College in Chicago, IL on March 8, March 9, Chicago Daily Tribune account of Cliquot demonstration at Rush Medical College Chicago. According to an article in the Chicago InterOcean dated March 20, The sword swallower act is Bewertungen von 888 Casino remarkable one, the Chevalier passing blades twenty-one inches long down his throat and then bending his neck in all directions.

On November 10,an unnamed year old European sword swallower who had performed Glücksspiel-Spielautomaten neunziger over 20 years was featured in an in-depth article on the art of sword swallowing in the Pittsburgh Daily Post. Based on the description of the sword swallower and details of the feats described, this must have been Cliquot.

On January 17,Cliquot debuted at the Westminster Royal Aquarium in London England, according to the Westminster Budget dated January 17, On February 21,Cliquot was still pulling in the crowds at the Westminster Royal Aquarium by swallowing 14 swords and a watch according to an article in the Westminster Budget dated February 21, ByCliquot Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel swallowed up to 22 inch blades nearly every day for over 23 years at least and possibly beyond that.

Cliquot could swallow a inch cavalry sword without difficulty, and his act included swallowing an electric light bulb connected to an 8-volt battery, up to fourteen inch bayonet swords at one time, and his major trick was to swallow a bayonet sword, weighted with a cross-bar and two pound dumbbells.

In another feat, he would partially swallow a Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel weighted with a crossbar, and allow the rest of the blade to be "kicked" by the recoil of a rifle which was fixed to a spike in the center of the bar and then fired by his sister.

Cliquot was known to have performed with the Forepaugh Circusdid lectures and demonstrations before physicians and students at the University of of Liverpool in England, and finally "reformed" and ended up as a music hall agent in England. Edith McLone died in March at the age of 47, and was interred in the county of Staffordshire England. According to an article in the July 7, New Castle News" Francis McLone who in pre-war days was well known as Chevalier Cliquotsword swallower, has died at the Royal Infirmary in Oldham, England.

After a demonstration many years ago before the Chicago College Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Surgeonshe was offered a life pension if he would agree to leave his body for research purposes. He refused, but a few days before his last operation, he bequeathed his body to the Oldham Infirmary. Chevalier Cliquot Fred McLone Timeline Born in Chicago, IL? Born according to passenger manifests Born in Quebec Canada?

Wife Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel born in Brockton, Stafford, Staffordshire England Learned sword swallowing at 16 Fred and Edith Cliquot live in Cardiff Wales Fred and Edith Cliquot arrive by ship in Philadelphia, PA Globe Dime Museum Chicago IL Palace MuseumScranton, PA Delno Fritz meets Cliquot in Pennsylvania, gets passionate about sword swallowing Cliquot move to Scranton PA Harry Davis Eden Musee Harrisburg PA World's Museum Theater in Pittsburgh PA Huber's Museum NY Injured at Metropolitan Throat Hospital NY The WigwamSan Francisco, CA Court witness against The WigwamSan Francisco, CA Mexico City Mexico Rush Medical College Chicago, IL McVicker's Theatre Casino Chicago Boston Lyceum Boston, MA In-depth article in Pittsburgh Daily Post Delphos Daily Herald article Debuts at The Aquarium in London Westminster Royal Aquarium London Cliquot arrive in Liverpool England Still sword swallowing Gets US Passport Edith McLone dies at 47, interred in Staffordshire, England Fred McLone Cliquot dies at 72 at Oldham Infirmary in Oldham England Performed Died December Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel, A Cincinnati Enquirer articles dated January 17, reports on a Cincinnati sword swallower who was injured in January Could this have been sword swallower Harry Parsons?

According to obituaries in the NY Times and the Leavenworth Timesboth dated Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel 24," Harry Parsonsa professional sword-swallower, fatally injured himself while performing the feat in Cleveland, Ohio, on Monday. Cincinnati sword swallower Harry Parsons obituary Harry Parsons obituary Gustaf Westerlund Gustaf Gustafinpoika Westerlund Brothers Westerlund.

Born Sept 26, Performed Died Gustaf Westerlund born Sept 26, in Oulu Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland and his brother Alexander Westerlund born Sept 6, were born to Gustaf Westerlund and Maria Kaisaand performed together as circus performers in Finland under the name "Veljekset Westerlund" Brothers Westerlund doing an acrobatic act which also included sword swallowing.

An advertisement from August 5, states that Westerlund " Westerlund died inand is buried in plot 11in Oulu Cemetery in Oulu, Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland. Barnum and Bailey's first three ring circus is staged in New York City in Barnum died in Turnverein Hal l Los Angeles, CA USA. According to a March 9, article in the Los Angeles Herald" Prof Willioa world renowned Prestidigitateur and Necromancer will give three entertainments in this city, Click at this page, Sunday, and Monday eve'gs, March 12, 13, and The Professor outrivals the Davenport tricks, swallows molten sealing wax, and performs many new and astonishing feats.

He is accompanied by Here. BAUMANthe great sword-swallower, gymnast, and contortionist. St, Thomas Hospital London, England UK. The book " The World of Wonders: A Record of Things Wonderful in Nature, Science, and Art " gives an account of sword swallower Frederick Smith who sustained a serious injury in the spring of While swallowing a sword, it became embedded in the gullet, and he by motions requested one of the audience to withdraw the weapon.

The man thus Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel to place his hand on the hilt, causing the blade to penetrate the intestines, and the juggler was removed to St. Thomas' Hospitalwhere he was for a considerable time in a very dangerous condition. Masonsurgeon at St. Thomas's HospitalLondon. A young man named Frederick Smithaged Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel years, residing at No.

While performing his extraordinary feat before a large audience, the blade of the sword, which is blunt on either side, becoming embedded in the thorax, the click at this page, by gesture, requested one of the audience to withdraw the weapon for the purpose of testing his bona fide performance, instead of which the party so requested placed his hand on the hilt, causing the blade to penetrate the intestines.

The juggler Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel collapsed, and it was with difficulty that Online-Casino-Spielautomaten die Welt des Spielens Casino 888 Casino sword was extracted. He was immediately attended by the local surgeon, who deemed it expedient to have the sufferer removed to the above institution, where he now lies.

Frederick Smith injury Spring Frederick Smith injury August Performed Dec 20, Injured Dec 20, Died Dec 28, According to the book " Bizarre Medical Abnormalities "in Gussenbauer gives an account of a juggler who had an accident on December more info, When the juggler please click for source his head to bow an acknowledgment of applause while swallowing a sword, he thus brought his upper incisors against the sword, which broke off and slipped into his stomach.

To relieve suffocation, the sword was pushed further down. Gastrotomy was performed, and the piece of sword 11 inches long was extracted; as there was perforation of the stomach before the operation, the patient died peritonitis on December 28, Great National Circus Oakland, CA USA.

According to an article dated June 18, in the Oakland Tribune"Everybody will be there next Saturday afternoon and eveningand also on Monday evening to witness the unparalleled exhibition known as the "Great National Circus and Equine Paradox of Educated Horses". It is the most thoroughly trained circus that has visited Oakland for years, containing, as it does, the world famous Morosco Brothers, the Marvels of Peru, Signior Hudson, the daring and graceful bareback rider, Frank Ashford, the amusing Irish comedian, Prof.

RohelhornRuby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel sword-swallower, Harry Lamott, the Indian rubber man, the clever Irwin brothers late of John Robinson's Circusand Mons. Milo, the Iron-jawed man. Rohelhorn National Circus Prof. Rohelhorn National Circus John Nicholas Ringling starts Ringling Brothers Circus Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Baraboo Wisconsin in LeTort Le Tort Joseph LeTort Joseph Le Tort Joseph H.

LeTort Professor LeTort Professort Joseph LeTort Joseph H. LeTort was born in as Joseph H. He died in poverty on November 22, in Svendborg, Denmark. There was also a magician named Niels Edvard Jacobsen who was born in and in took the stage name "LeTort". There is speculation that the two magicians met in and Niels Edvard Jacobsen bought some of Joseph H. Le Tort 's props and even his name, which was not an uncommon practice at the time.

In Niels Edvard Jacobsen requested from the king that he be allowed to take the stage name "LeTort"and at first he was known as Niels Edvard Jacobsen Letort. Hans rätta namn var Joseph H. Han dog den 22 november i fattigdom i Svendborg, Danmark, där han tänkt ge föreställningar. Häftet är prytt med ett träsnitt av Le Tort. Nedan följer en förteckning över föreställningar, som Joseph H.

Le Tort enligt tidningsannonser, affischer och omnämnanden har gjort. Norra Tivoli, Norrtullsgatan, Stockholm med Bils. Mosebacke troligen ensam under sommaren 13 maj är känt. Premiär i Tivoli, Köpenhamn 3 maj, därefter landsorten. Premiär den 4 juni i Göteborg.

Le Tort har nu sällskap av nya hustrun Henriette och dottern Emma Jane samt en dansk assistent? Sejour i Kristianstad och här blev Le Tort den 22 oktober överfallen i förstugan i det hus han tillfälligt bodde i. Bartlay Letort Timeline Nyköping Sweden with Professor Carl Bils. Norra TivoliNorrtullsgatan, Stockholm med Bils. Stockholm until Feb 1.

Sweden Stockholm 27 december Sweden med avstickare till Norge Hotel de Russie, Helsinki Finland Premiär i TivoliKöpenhamn 3 maj, därefter landsorten Denmark with Danish magician F. Last performance Rudköbing Theater Died November 22 in Svendborg, Denmark Joseph LeTort, Helsinki Finland Prof.

Niels Le Tort Professor LeTort Niels Edvard Jacobsen Niels Edvard Jacobsen LeTort. Born April 29, Performed Married Divorced Died Feb 7, Niels Edvard Jacobsen was born April 29, in Tröröd, Sölleröd Sogn, north of Copenhagen, Denmark. He started poor, and after military service, began studying hatmaking with a hatmaker in Copenhagen. Inhe may have met up with magician Professor Joseph H.

Le Tort and bought some of his props. InNiels Edvard Jacobsen got married, and upon his first child's birth inhe gave up his hatmaking occupation for the life of an artist. By Jacobsen was working as a sword swallower his seven swords are preserved in a collection. In Jacobsen requested from the king that he be allowed to take the name "LeTort". At first he was known as Niels Edvard Jacobsen Letort. There was also a magician named Professor Joseph H. Le Tort who was born in and performed in before dieing in Swedborg Denmark on Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel 22 There is speculation that the two magicians met inand Niels Jacobsen got to buy some of Joseph H.

InNiels Jacobsen LeTort showed a banner at a fair, and at this point became a sideshow tent owner. In he displayed a giant woman, and in he traveled around with a "hairy woman", Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel he also continued to work as a magician. Inhe and his wife were divorced. Niels Jacobsen Letort travelled around Denmark, and in he toured further into Malmö and other areas of Sweden, where spielen Spielautomaten Fortune echtes Geld mit Veröffentlichung von became very popular.

In October, he returned to Denmark, but didn't receive as much publicity there as he did in Sweden. He returned to Sweden, and toured as far as Finland, where he didn't receive quite the success that he did in Sweden. Letort was very Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel - tall, with pointed mustache, white tie with diamond pin, and rings on his fingers. At a performance in Gävle, Sweden article sourceLetort met a French engineer, showman, fellow magician and mechanic, Joseph Couprantwho was showing "living picture" films.

They decided to join up, so Couprant could strengthen Letort 's program by showing films. They opened a business for photographic articles in Stockholm, where they started the "American Theater", Stockholm's first "standing theater".

In MayLetort and Couprant moved to Göteborg, Sweden, where they opened the first cinemagraphic theater in the city and combined variety acts with film. Letort and Couprant returned to Stockholm where they continued their photo business.

After a while, be moved back to Copenhagen, where he also became a movie pioneer. Letort had made good money as a magician, but had even better success with the new film industry. Verbot von Online-Casinos inLetort and his wife moved to her homeland of England.

In the couple moved back to Odense, Denmark, where Niels died on February 7, at the age of His wife lived until May 12, Opened Reopened Reopened Sold Ninth and Arch Dime Museum Ninth and Arch Streets Philadelphia, PA USA. Ninth and Arch Dime Museum For more than half a century, the corner of 9th and Arch streets sustained Philadelphians with opportunities for diversion, education and voyeurism.

The public came and went - and so did the owners. First was Colonel Joseph Wood infresh in town having been burnt out of his Chicago emporium.

The Colonel opened the doors on a relatively simple affair: Bythe venue re-launched under the new ownership. New Dime Museum advertised "Entertainment Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Expressly for Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel and Children," and claimed they had the "only great show in town.

The Dime Museum soon changed hands again. This time, Charles A. Bradenbaugh re-invented the destination as the 9th and Arch Museum. And this time, place and the public connected. Bradenbaugh kept the audiences coming from to In the s, Bradenbaugh dabbled in movies, allowing his visitors to enjoy that emerging medium. The simpler experience of the 20th century movie house required, and got, a continue reading all its own.

A decade into the new century, Bradenbaugh saw the writing on the wall and sold out. Soon enough, the new owners of the 9th and Arch Museum recognized the same reality and did their best to turn it into an opportunity. Hopkinsand his press agent, Norman Jeffries, engineered literally a favorite local legend: Lo and behold, one dark and stormy night inMrs.

Leeds gave birth to her 13th. It circled Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel villages and headed toward the Pines. THE LEEDS DEVIL, read Hopkins and Jeffries posters. Exhibited securely chained in a Massive Steel Cage.

Für Spielautomaten Pennies Geld LIVING DRAGON more famous than the Fabled Monsters of Mythology. And the audiences this mutant marsupial drew to 9th and Arch kept the doors open for only a few more weeks. The day of the Dime Museum had passed. Frank Dumont soon bought the building for his thriving troupe of minstrels. Seeking photos and more information on sword swallowers at Ninth and Arch Dime Museum.

Sword Swallowers at Ninth and Arch Dime Museum Opens under Colonel Joseph Wood Opens under Charles A. Für Online-Casino-Spiel Geld Delno Fritz Delno Fritz and Mlle. Robbins Shows Jersey City, NJ Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel. Business bad, closes early. Sword Swallowers with Frank A. Business bad, closes early in Sept. Horses sold at auction in New York, Sept 20 Robbins retires from circus business Robbins dies Frank A.

Robbins Circus Side Show banner c Toured US Toured Europe Toured US Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show captivated audiences for a total of 30 years from to After opening on May 19, in Omaha, Nebraska, the show traveled on a nearly perpetual tour all over the east of America. In"Buffalo Bill" Cody took the show to London as part of the American Exhibition in celebration and the Jubilee year of Queen Victoria. Http:// entire troop of passengers, including 97 Natives, horses, 10 mules, 4 donkeys, 18 buffalo, 10 elk, 5 longhorn Texas steers, 2 deer, and the Deadwood Concord stagecoach crossed the Atlantic on several ships.

InQueen Victoria requested and attended a command performance of the show at Windsor Castle. Buffalo Bill's Wild West show closed its successful London run in October after more than performances, with more than 2. The show continued on to Birmingham and Salford near Manchester, where it stayed for five months before returning to the US in May for a short summer tour. Buffalo Bill's Wild West returned to Europe in May as part of the Exposition Universelle in Paris, France.

When the show opened in Paris on May 14, as part of the Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Exhibitionten thousand spectators gave it an enthusiastic reception. The tour moved to the South of France and Barcelona, Spain, then on to Italy. While in Rome, a Wild West delegation was received by Pope Leo Online Casino Casino füllen das Konto dem Telefon. Buffalo Bill was disappointed that the condition of the Colosseum did not allow it to be a venue; however, at Verona, the Wild West did perform in the ancient Roman amphitheater.

The tour finished with stops in Austria-Hungary and Germany. In the show toured cities in Belgium and the Netherlands before returning to Great Britain to close the season.

The show's click the following article was confined to Great Britain; it featured another command performance for Queen Victoria. The tour finished with Slots online für Bargeld Registrierung six-month run in London before leaving Europe for nearly a decade. InBuffalo Bill's Wild West Showdraws a crowd of 18, the largest ever, at thr Chicago World's Fair of James Bailey becomes involved inand begins employing sword swallowers starting in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show tours Europe again from tobeginning with a return to England in December with a fourteen-week run in London, capped by a visit from King Edward VII and the future King George V.

The Wild West Show traveled throughout Great Britain during the tour as Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel as the tour, performing in nearly every city large enough to support it. The tour began in April with a two-month run in Paris before moving into the rest of France, where it performed mostly one-night stands, concluding in December.

The final tour of began in France on March 4, and quickly moved on to Italy for two months. The Wild West Show traveled east: The sword swallower during the European tour of Germany, Poland and Russia was probably Polish or Russian sword swallower Julian Putzkewitsch.

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show toured the US from to The show was declared bankrupt in Inan elderly Buffalo Bill toured with Miller Brothers Wild West Show. On January 10,Buffalo Bill Cody died in Denver, CO.

Seeking Spielautomaten Penza and more information on sword swallowers with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Sword Swallowers with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show: Show opens in Omaha, Nebraska Returns to US, short summer tour in US Show returns to Europe to tour France Entire cast in Milano Italy Show tours Belgium, Netherlands, and Great Britain Show tours Great Britain Chicago World's Fair to crowds of 18, James Bailey becomes involved in show Show tours Europe, starts with week run in London Griffin in Europe Mighty Ajax in Europe Griffin Manager in Europe, Julian Putzjewitschsword swallower Delno Fritz and Maud Http:// Show declared bankrupt Buffalo Bill tours with Miller Brothers Wild West Show Buffalo Bill dies in Denver, CO.

Born c Died According to the book " Bizarre Medical Abnormalities "Gross speaks of a 30 year old sword swallower in who was in the habit of giving exhibitions of sword-swallowing in public der die beliebtesten Online-Casinos in RuNet sie, and who injured his esophagus to such an extent as to cause abscess and death.

According to a March 3, article in the New York Sun"The professional sword swallower does not pursue his business, as it is supposed, with impunity. A sword swallower lately died of hemorrhage in an English hospital, and the medical opinion seems to be Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel all of these men trifle with and shorten their lives.

British sword swallower dies pre-March This combined organization contains twenty-five of the most prominent artists in the arenic profession. In the museum department will be found Madame Deverethe Kentucky Bearded Woman, her first name was either Janice or Jane Devereborn in from Brooksville KY, and her career may have lasted into the 's - Could this be a relative of Marie Devere?

Performed Injured July 1, Arrested Feb 1, Died July 20, ? Santa Cruz, CA San Francisco, CA Bridgewater, ME USA. William Griffin apparently began sword swallowing around According to a July 1, article in the San Francisco Chronicle" William Griffinwho for the past eighteen years has been eking out a precarious existence as a sword swallower, very nearly came to grief yesterday afternoon out on the beach near the Cliff House.

He had been amusing people all morning, and at about 2: The exhibition stopped immediately, and Griffin started to crawl back to Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel room on Howard, near Sixth.

There he became very sick, and about 9 o'clock last night he was brought to the receiving hospital for treatment. Enright examined the man and found that his Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel was ulcerated, and that the sword had lacerated it.

He was given medicine and sent back home. Griffin was from Santa Cruz, CA. According to a San Bernardino CA Daily Courier article dated February 1,"A man named Griffinbelonging to a traveling circus combination, was arrested yesterday, at Colton, on a message from the Chief of Police of Los Angeles, being wanted in that city on a charge of petit larceny. Griffin is a sword-swallower and is accompanied by a small boy who, he claims, is his son.

An officer will arrive from Los Angeles this morning to return him to that city. Bill Griffina sword swallower died here from injuries received while doing his turn in the side show of a circus which showed here. Griffin was using a long knife when his foot slipped and the knife pierced his windpipe. He died after intense suffering.

Seeking photos and more information on sword swallower Bill Griffin. William Griffin injury William Griffin injury Griffin arrested in Colton CA Bill Griffin obituary Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Le Costro Monsieur F.

Le Costro Yankee Yogi Professor Griffin Prof Chas. Griffin Prof Charles E. Griffin Professor Charles E. Griffin Charles Eldridge Griffin. Born June 16, Married c Performed Died Jan 3, Charles Eldridge Griffin was born on June 16, in St. Some inaccurate accounts erroneously claim he was born in New York City on December 17, Throughout his lifetime, Griffin performed as a lecturer, magician, illusionist, conjurer, yogi, ventriloquist, contortionist, fire-eater, sword swallower, hypnotist, and manager with a variety of shows, including Bob Hunting CircusRingling Brothers Circus Sideshow and Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.

Byhis family had moved to Albia, Iowa, while Griffin was a child. His father John W. Griffin was Monroe County Superintendent of schools and county clerk of courts. His mother Fannie Hall Morse was a musician, and Charles and his 3 siblings were outgoing extroverts with a penchant for performing his brothers Frank S.

Griffin and Fred I. Griffin later worked in the circus business, and his sister became a popular platform speaker. At the age of 16, Charles Griffin toured school houses, town halls, and county fairs with his own "one man valise troupe" where he probably began to perfect his talents as a magician and ventriloquist.

After it folded inhe traveled to France at the age of 22 to become general manager of the Paris Pavilion Shows.

Little is known about Griffin 's time in France, but he resurfaces in the Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel States two years later with Pullman and Mack's Circus as "The Comic Yankee Conjurer" throughout its short-lived existence in the season.

In Griffin joined the Sells Brothers Circus as a "lecturer in side show and featured in concert Fire Act. During the twelve years that he spent with HuntingGriffin set up his own New York Conjuring College and added writing and publishing to his growing list of accomplishments. A year later, the first of his two memoires Traveling with a Circus: A History of Hunting's N. Cirque Curriculum for Seasoncame off the Van Fleet presses in New York.

The entrepreneurial Griffin was publisher for all but one of these c which were sold on site at the circus for 10 cents a copy. Inat the age of 26, Griffin began performing as "Professor Griffin, the Yankee Yogi, Magician and Sword Swallower" on the Bob Hunting Circus according to the Hunting route book, and he was also listed on the Bob Hunting Circus program as "Manager All Privileges".

The front of the program offers for sale a "Large book, 10 cents" that Griffin wrote that teaches "Magic, Ventrioloquism, Fire Eating, Sword Swallowing, and Hypnotism". In the Hunting route book, Griffin is listed as the "Illusionist and Ventriloquist"and he was also known to have performed as a fire-eater. In the s, Griffin published the "Showman's Guide"the "Showman's Book of Wonders"and he was the founder of Griffin's Conjuring College in New York City. InGriffin published a booklet entitled "How To Be A Contortionist!

A Practical Self-Instructor by a Well-Known Professional". On October 28,Charles E. Olivia the Snake Charmer were both working on " Prof. Griffin worked with the Bob Hunting Circus for Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel years from to where he click here owned and operated the sideshow.

Inhe held a similar position with the Frank A Robbin's Circus. It was during this time aroundthat he met a young snake charmer named Olivia who worked with the show Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel "OctaviaThe Serpent Enchantress". The couple married inwith Charles Griffin at about the age of 39, and Oliva about the age of born c InGriffin became stage manager with the Ringling Brothers Circus Side Show based Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Baraboo, WI, where he worked for 4 years from to as magician, ventriloquist, as well as "Lecturer and Sword Swallower".

Griffin 's wife Olivia also worked with the show as Octavia, "The White Witch" or as a snake charmers as " Octavia The Serpent Enchantress "while his brothers, Frank Griffin and Fred Griffin worked with the show, with Fred's wife Julia performing as a mind reader.

In the Ringling Brothers Route book ofChas. Griffin is listed as sword swallower, and his wife Octavia is listed as the "Snake Enchantress".

At the end of Ringling Brothers season, James A. Baileywho was a major owner of the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Showvisited the show in Canton Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel in June of and invited Griffin and his family to tour with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in Europe.

In Decemberthe Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show sailed for England. On March 16,Griffin and his family left Albia, Iowa for New York to join the show in England Ottumwa Daily Courier dated March 16, On March 28,Griffinhis wife Olivia and son set sail for Liverpool England on the Cunard steamer Etruria to join Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in Manchester England.

After landing in Liverpool England, Griffin and his family joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in Manchester, where Griffin began performing his "Yankee Magic" in the sideshow as the "Yankee Yogi and Conjuror" with his son, while his wife Olivia performed as Mademoiselle Octavia the Yankee Snake Charmer photo taken c by W.

Davey, in Islington, a borough of London England. Inwhen manager Lew Parker decided not to rejoin the show for the British tour, Griffin was a ready-made replacement to act as manager for Buffalo Bill's Wild West Showand inGriffin took over as manager of the show. In AprilRuby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel show opened in Paris where it ran through June 4, From November through Marchthe show wintered in Marseilles France. Griffin swallowing three swords with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in France inand his wife Olivia 's pitchcard featuring Mademoiselle Octavia the Yankee Snake Charmer.

The final season for Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in Europe opened in March 4, and duringthe show toured Italy, Hungary, Russia, Germany, and Belgium. Eldridge Griffin is listed as "Supt. Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel sword swallower during the European tour of Germany and Russia was probably Polish or Russian sword swallower Julian Putzkewitsch.

The Griffins returned to the United States on October 20, aboard the steamer Lucania at New York, when the age of Charles Griffin was listed as 47 and his wife Octavia as After returning to the US, Griffin began writing the book "Four Learn more here in Europe With Buffalo Bill" in late October Shortly Rosskastanien Käfer-Gaming-Maschine Operationen arriving back in the US, Griffin suffered a mild stroke.

However, he rejoined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show for the season. Octavia worked with the Jones show late in or maybeand possibly with the Miller Brothers Wild West Ranch Show. In the fall ofGriffin returned to Albia, Iowa, where he focused on writing and publishing, occasionally entertaining local residents with performances at Albia's Opera House. Inhe finished writing the book "Four Years in Europe With Buffalo Bill"of which copies were published in Albia, Iowa in Griffin suffered a more serious stroke and died in Albia, IA on January 3, at the age of Griffin is buried at Oakview Cemetery in Albia, Monroe County, Iowa.

Griffin 's name also appears Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel the list of persons associated with Buffalo Bill Codyreferencing Sarah J. Blackstone's book "Buckskins, Bullets, and Business: A History Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Buffalo Bill's Wild West" Greenwood Press,though he and his autobiography are only briefy mentioned there.

More substantial information was found in the William F. Cody Collection in an article from Palimpsest by H. Roger Grant, based on interviews with Charles Griffin 's nephew, John W. It is titled "An Iowan, with Buffalo Bill: Charles Eldridge Griffin in Europe, In the booklet, Griffin gives instructions for both fire eating, and nine books listed that he authored go here vaudeville acts.

Born June 16, in St. Family moves to Albia, IA Lives in Albia, Monroe County, Iowa Tours school houses, town halls, and county fairs at 16 with his own "one man valise troupe" Lives in Troy, Monroe County, Iowa Becomes general manager of Paris Pavilion Shows in France Joins Sells Brothers Circus as side show lecturer and fire act Bob Hunting's New York Circus as magician and sword swallower

Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel

Für Numismatiker interessant ist beispielsweise die Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel, welche auch unter dem Namen Tscherwonetz bekannt ist. Besonders historische Münzen aus Gold und Silber sind auch hinsichtlich der möglichen Wertsteigerung ein interessantes Sammelgebiet. Wenn Sie mit einer neuen Münzsammlung beginnen möchten oder Ihre Münzsammlung mit Münzen aus Russland oder den Sowjetgebieten ergänzen möchten, finden Sie bei eBay ein umfassendes Angebot.

Dabei spielt es keine Rolle, ob Sie eine aktuelle Rubel-Münze oder eine historische Münze mit dem Motiv von Lenin suchen: Geben Sie Ihren Suchbegriff source. Verwandte Artikel durchsuchen Verwandte Artikel durchsuchen. Auch nachsehen in Auch nachsehen in. RUSSLAND, 10 RubelStadt Olonez, Karellein, Bimetall, stfr. NEU 10 Rubel Russland "Olonez" UNC EUR 1, Russland - 10 Rubel - Gedenkmünzen Ihrer Wahl EUR 1, RUSSLAND - 10 RUBEL - REGION PERM - BIMETALL RUS EUR 8, Transnistrien 1, 3, 5, 10 Rubel aus here EUR 4, RUSSLAND - 10 RUBEL - JAMAL-NENZEN - BIMETALL RUS EUR 8, NEU 1 Ruby Fortune Vollendung von 50 Rubel Transnistrien "10 Jahre Unabhängigkeit Referendum" UNC EUR 2, Diese Seite wurde zuletzt aktualisiert am: Anzahl der Gebote und Gebotsbeträge entsprechen nicht unbedingt dem aktuellsten Stand.

See more zu den internationalen Versandoptionen und -kosten finden Sie auf der jeweiligen Artikelseite. Stöbern in Kategorien Stöbern in Kategorien. Über eBay eBay News Community Sicherheitsportal Probleme klären Verkäuferportal Verifizierte Rechteinhaber-Programm Grundsätze Partnerprogramm Hilfe Übersicht.

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